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  1. The person who adopt her is a doctor, its sound like he finds way to temporarily cut the ability of Nunbyeol to make her safe and to live like a true saram, for her not to harm Saram. Its kinda medical procedure that he performs to Nunbyeol.
  2. Here is my assessment regarding the end of the world prophesy, it turns out that Tagon will play as the CHOSEN ONE/HERO who will save the world and yes ES, SY and Tanya are the ones who will end the WORLD, But i dont think so... i look at it in reverse perspective and I dont take it literary. What ASA SAKAN told Mubaek the WORLD that will end is not actually ARTHDAL, the WORLD she is talking about without realizing it is the GREEDINESS and the EVILNESS of the ARTHDAL, not the ARTHDAL itself but the UNION or the civilization that SARAM used to create, if that so SY, ES and TANYA is not actual a curse they are the ones who will save and resurrect the WORLD of ARTHDAL and finally end the GREEDINESS and EVILNESS of the UNION/CIVILIZATION of ARTHDAL. Remember what the ASA SAKAN says to Mubaek "if the world ends, we will go back to the living like the savage brutes in the Ancient times" but i am hoping that it will creat a new WORLD not of what she predict. TAGON will only fights for the sake of CIVILIZATION and turning a union to become KINGDOM/NATION becoming a KING.
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