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  1. I just stopped by this bcz the name is similar to my fav character in CDrama, Huang Rong from Condor Trilogy. And yes, they have similar characteristic too. This is the one that I don't skip a lot (even thought the audio problem) I enjoy this short CDrama till the end, dont get bored at all.
  2. Yeay, I can see MSS cast her magic again. In ep 2 just to know where is NQ and in ep 5 to protect NQ and SS. #teamMSS from EN S1
  3. I see another formation in MyDramalist There are NQ, SS, LQ, YHY as the main role, plus CPP father (new char in EN2?) Haotian is just a guest role.
  4. I am team MSS from the earlier drama (just see her appearances in the opening & ending song) and team YHY after that eps. I read from some sources that YHY is also the main role, so she should have more scenes in EN 2. Yey, I want to see their CG Like almost games, MSS will be behind NQ casting ranged attack and NQ as a front liner giving melee attack
  5. Me too, I love how MSS spell talisman, when she hit NQ at the first time and defend NQ from LQ and HY Hope she have more portion using that kind of magic supporting NQ
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