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  1. I just finish the yesterday's ep and I come up with the idea that GCS is not the reincarnation of either YW or CM. In the past, YW loved MW but she loved CM (Firefly General) and now GCS is the one who loves her and whom she loves. He is a gift or a compensation for all of the miserable time she has endured.
  2. Thanks for the link, I wish I could understand it. Btw, I tried to search BTS between L and Go Ah Ra in his previous drama to investigate his reaction. Even though they did have interactions with each other, I find his behaviours a bit less natural and proactive compared with those with SHS. Is that true or I just hypnotize myself??? PS: I really enjoy the moment HS teased him about the song, his facial expression looks so happy.
  3. Hi all, This is the first time I register in Soompi, just because of this couple. They really make my old heart beat again. A bit sad because the drama is going to end and we no longer have BTSs to investigate their fishy acts and looks
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