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  1. omg RJ is such an RickRoll'D. He made ODO AJ and HN lose 14 years together...
  2. I agree on PD's role. He will be her guardian angel and will treat her in a brotherly-sister way rather than in a romantic way. I think he feels guilty for his wife's death and because AJ resembles his dead wife it was a way for him to atone for her death. AJ and Han Nee will be the bridge to help PD reconnect back with his son so that they don't miss out on the opportunity to be a family again. YW imo would not be a great match either. He is idolizing AJ and having the "the one that got away" syndrome. So, I think it's best he find a real love. Yes, it's cantonese. A
  3. So this is my fan theory. I believe the ODO is the father. The reason for their break up was because AJ comes from a single parent family and DO family is not well to do. Also perhaps their relationship has given ODO a writers block and ODO probably too in love with AJ that he probably mentioned something he shouldn't have eg. if AJ has his baby he would quit school to look after them. AJ not wanting ODO to give up on their dream and she recognized his talents decides to leave and not burden him with the revelation she is pregnant with their child. AJ loves
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