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  1. Is it me, that I hope Jojo dates HY because he is so persistent so she give him a chance then breaks up with him. Then she decides who she wishes to chase and woo? Why does the female never get to decide for herself? Personally I feel like SO gets JJ but HY is just more steady.
  2. How come everyone thinks HY is the second lead? I always felt SO is the second lead and feel sad for him. I hate that Jojo was so unhonest with herself and her past. My heart is breaking for SO. Their timing were wrong despite their love for each other was strong. He understood too late. A love that was fleeting and never reached the end. It reminds me of Lee Do Hyun's Chung Mung in Hotel Del Luna. So sad.
  3. google translate: War, encounter, and legend of Aseudal to lead again! I'll be waiting. Come back soon ... . I think from this we can tell that they will be a second season.
  4. no.. the red claw is just one person. Suhana the elder of the Tae Tribe. She didn't switch allegiance. Tagon needs Ago tribe to be a threat so they can have an excuse to start a war to divert people's anger towards him. So, I think Ago tribe having a united leader is a welcome to Tagon's plan. do you remember the episode? I want to rewatch it cause I don't think I recalled that.
  5. I have a feeling Tanya cannot hear everyone's voices. She only hear those that are without voices. Therefore, I don't think she can hear Saya or Tagon and only can hear Yangcha.
  6. the way they name the parts are funny, some times they call it part 1/2/3 sometimes its called season 1/2/3
  7. There is still much to be told, eg Mihol story, Neanthal story after ES is gone and why they appeared again
  8. I rewatched episode 1 and for I do not feel sympathy towards Tagon. He strategy killed almost all the neanthal (his mother’s people) possibly his mother too. The goal does not justify the means. This is where ES is different from Tagon.
  9. This is very insightful, but some items can now be updated. 2. Aramun Haesulla is also Inaishingi 3. The Great White Wolf is also Asa Sin 4. The Great White Wolf's prophecy is the device she needs to propel Tanya to be her vessel. Wahan Tribe is Tanya's curse that ties her down. In order for her, ES, SY to fulfill the prophecy they needed those drivers. 5. The heavenly items, TY = bell, ES = sword, SY = mirror 6. Inashigi legend was he survived the waterfall and united the clans of ago and you see the sickle that ES will come back for is hammer of the wind. Inashigi must be Aarmun Heasulla before he came to Arth. As for why did Asa Sin and Rissan go to Iark in the first place. I believe Asa Sin and Rissan is TY and ES and they are just returning to the place they were most at peace with and started from. and SY will continue to be in Arth and carry on with the civilized world until a time where Arameun Hessulla and Asa Sin will return.
  10. Regarding why drag the level 50 to a level 94 quest when the recommended players was 4 is not the smartest but he was desperate and out of time and did not know what it would entail. He did not however anticipated that his friend Seo would die by regular NPC because up to that point only the glitch SH was able to hurt him or Seo. Things suddenly went south once they reach Granada with this special quest. He didn't know he was retrieving a key until he got there. So, there is a reason he had to die because it just upped the stake that his life will be in constant danger not just from the bug SH but from all the NPC if this game went live. Which they will because everyone thinks he is crazy. As for Emma, you know the geek Choi is an idiot and didn't mention anything about peacekeeping until something triggered his memory. OH by the way... And nobody but the developer Seju knows that the key is a bug remover. Although one thing i didn't understand is how Jin Woo became a bug because as for as I know he is just a user. I am bummed at the ending but I guess have to be content he is still alive albeit won't be able to return to the normal world because he would still be persecuted because his name is never cleared because there is no trace or evidence but he is linked to 3 deaths. I hope they make a drama with Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye and finally give them a happy ending so I can get some closure even if its not the same drama.
  11. Yes, as per my previous prediction, I do believe that something bad will befall SY just because. He might be used as a pawn in another scheme or what not but I don't think that ES and SY will both alive. One will probably die and I presume it will be SY.
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