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  1. Chang Wook ssi ~~ why do you look handsome sometime and sometime you don't? it keeps bugging me these days because I can't get you out of my mind wae oh??
  2. hee hee hee not trying to defend Jung Gi here... BUT, whatever has been decided by the ex-hubby, he must think about the consequences and she knew about it. If he made that moved, he must have a ton of reasons behind it. Especially both of them are top celebrities in their country. Every decision or any actions they make, they must think many times about the side effects/ consequences. And we as an outsider only know the top layer of what is going on between them from the outside. please do not quickly make a judgment like that.. just wait and see, the truth shall prevail... also, please be smart fans, don't be like the fool and blind ones! Cheers a passerby who has a neutral point of view
  3. don't be afraid, song jung gi oppa will stand behind your back tell us please... why was jung gi oppa so angry with hye kyo eonnie?
  4. I believe it is best if you delete the comment from shk thread, I know that you're sjk fan. As long as I support shk more, I will not blame or critize sjk as they have their own reason to divorce.

    Just keep supporting their movie, & carrier without blaming or misjudge the other part.

    Both of them already move on. We should be more educated when being a fan and supporter.

    It's hard but we should accept that it is the best for them. Both of their wounded will be heal thru time. Sjk will shine again for sure. He has his own supporter & fans.

    The reaction of international fans towards him occurs as there is bad speculation and assumption towards shk. Same like what you feel towards shk. It's really no good for your heart and them. Just keep on supporting him thru good and bad. 

    I'm her fan and I don't say that she an angle that make no mistake, she just a human and have a mistake and flaw. But as fan and supporter I admire how she potray her work & job. She the reason I keep watching kdrama n know many brand that she representing.

    Same like sjk for you for sure. 

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