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  1. Since the topic was his hands and that he works out...I just felt like compiling some pictures/gifs he's doing a great job working out lol
  2. Me too @summer2017 - perfect boyfriend, son, brother, friend!! It's impossible to not like Jin Hyuk! This drama is so nice to watch when you need some comfort <3
  3. Translation of the recent Eider video He says for this year he wants to do different works - so it sounds like there are more works already planned - and in this year!!! Yay!!
  4. His expressions on the cards would make me feel bad for spending money lol...on the one one he looks like he's judging me for wasting my money again on things I don't need. On the other one he looks like he gave up already bc I keep spending anyway
  5. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't think he seems like Taek in real life...After watching his variety shows that's when I thought "he's a really good actor" because he had a completely different body language when he was being Taek (or his other characters). The way he walked and moved was super different and not many actors change their whole body language according to a character they play. And then in comparison to Taek in all the variety shows and interviews PBG never seems shy or socially awkward like Taek - sometimes he seems quiet and calm, but more often he's funny and full of energy. I also felt like with Taek he was able to convey a really complex duality of boyish clumsiness but at the same time a very mature/self confident/manly sense that made his character stand out to me. I would have never liked the character Taek if he had been just a clumsy, shy genius, but PBG managed to give him this complexity that was super fascinating. But then when I saw him in the reality shows he was always his bright self and never reminded me of Taek, because that whole heavy thing that Taek seemed to have is just gone like a glove he took off. I mean, of course he has that in him otherwise it would probably be difficult to act this because I think some vibes are impossible to act out. But maybe you understand what I mean? Speaking of his acting: With the Crown Prince, he had this very convincing arrogant/cocky vibe that PBG lacks in any of his "real self" appearances. If you compare it to the character in Encounter, who is also sometimes a bit playfully cocky, it's still so different. With Lee Yeong the cockiness was like a protection, with Jin Hyuk it was just to tease or take tension off a situation - and PBG managed to make this difference very noticeable. I find that impressive because it's a very nuanced acting, especially when I compare it to other popular K-actors (I don't want to mention names, but most have the same feeling/vibe that they bring to every character they play). But to me Lee Min in I Remember You and also the character from Coinlocker Girl stand out a lot because in both cases he wasn't the main lead or had that much screen time but in the short time he had he managed to leave such a strong impression (or steal the show). In the Coinlocker Girl Anyway, I went on a rant but what I wanted to say was that I never felt like PBG seemed a lot like Taek in any of his real self appearances, he is way too bright, open and easy going which seems to me actually like a contrast to the Taek character. In YOF he was the most like Taek but I also had the impression that this had more to do with the other guys? I don't know why but in the other variety shows he seemed a lot more self confident, even though he was hanging out with people who were much older than him or complete strangers. In YOF I had the impression that the other guys kind of treated him like he was Taek and he seemed more like Taek because of that (I don't know if that makes sense). He said he has a bit of every character of his in him (well, aside of Min's I guess lol) and that makes a lot of sense, if you mix them all it would probably be the closest to his self (that we get to see). Lol okay rant over!
  6. Thank you @summer2017 for the translation! I don't get the last part "I saw something interesting; a drug that my mom allowed" Hahahaha what was that all about? I haven't seen a video of this (I thought there were no videos anyway) I think this is the best compliment an actor can receive, though. This means people are liking his way of portraying his characters. I just hope that he won't keep doing the same kind of characters but challenge himself to take on some roles that are different to his own personality. Like I really liked his portrayal of Min in I Remember You and it impressed me. But it sounds like he does want to take different types of roles, since he also mentioned that a few times.
  7. Thank you @Floraison! I find it funny that he said he prefers summer over winter but gets stressed at the heat I really like that Coke clip because you can see how easy going he is, he doesn't get awkward at all. Hope there will be a full english sub soon Also by now he must be used to this. The more successfull an artist becomes, the more gossip and stories show up. Unfortunately But that's part of his work and I think he's shown that he really is a very positive person and so hopefully he doesn't get too affected by these things.
  8. omg @rahma92 you and I have been transmitting thoughts, I just wanted to post this too telepathy! That wink So, the two songs he mentioned in the Coke Summer Trip Q&A that he likes are "Young" by ADOY and "I don't know you" by The Rose, right? Both songs are actually very nice. For once I like his song selections haha (I'm not very much into kpop)
  9. @rahma92 the fans are incredible, how they take care of things when there are weird rumors going around. It's really amazing how dedicated they all are to stop rumors from spreading. Seems like they're all a bit disappointed with Blossom agency because they find they don't do enough to protect PBG when there are rumors. Do you guys also agree that the agency is not doing enough? On more positive news, bogum_carpediem has posted another part of the translated Coke Summer Trip videos I'm very happy haha (I hope she/he knows how amazing they are for translating this) I love the part where he tells the guy he doesn't know where to look bc he's wearing dark sunglasses lol EDIT: oops, I posted it at the same time as Rahma92, sorry!! Deleted the link now
  10. @rahma92 @summer2017 I don't understand. What were the false rumors? I saw nothing on Twitter, only people tweeting support.
  11. @rahma92 yes I realize how big he actually is there by how often his name is brought up in tv shows, variety shows and even in movies. For this to happen to an actor is because it's a name that everyone knows!!! I think if it wasn't for his stylist and his many clothing endorsements we would see him in the same clothes all the time! He's really so down to earth! I guess he changed his iphone case, during the Coke Summer even he used a Coca Cola case. I really hope so I read once in an old interview that he finds it bothersome to have to post pictures on IG so that's why he doesn't want to use it (at that time). Too bad he doesn't want to though, because since he likes taking pictures it would be super nice if he had his own IG account. Well, I just hope he does that Youtube thing he once mentioned that he planned of doing!
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