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  1. That would be cool. I just hope he is able to work healthy and happily on it; I know he had to take time from the stories due to health issues at that time.
  2. I'm not sure. I know there are still a ton of stories in the DMBJ world that haven't been dramatized. It all depends on the author and if he will continue things or not. At this point in time, the last part of the story is set in Reunion.
  3. FoYe is dead actually. In Reunion when Wu Xie went to the water crypts in Warehouse 11 he was told to bow and ask for protection in front of a coffin before going inside - that is where FoYe and his wife were sent after their death. FoYe and Zhang Rishan are from a side branch of the Zhang family and not part of the true branch that Zhang Qiling is from. FoYe's grandfather split with the main branch, and there had been a lot of fighting in the Zhang family so there were a lot of orphans and the like who ended up being displaced and taken in by the side branch. It is possible that Zhang Ris
  4. There are two seasons both with the name Reunion: The Sound of the Providence. Viki just has the first season, there is a second one on iQiyi. It's also the last in the whole DMBJ series or at least the one with Wu Xie at his oldest. There are a total of 8 books with a ton of side stories. The newest drama based off of DMBJ is Ultimate Note which covers books 5 through 7ish.
  5. I'm at episode 24 and this has been a good ride especially for the book fans. While I am fond of the actors from Reboot, a part of me wishes there was less bloat in Reboot and we got more of the Iron Triangle at work because those moments are what makes The Lost Tombs so much fun. And with a tight episode number, we are getting all the major plot points instead of spending time lazing about wondering and it's so nice. Has anyone else been enjoying the show as well?
  6. He's almost 40. Reunion is about four years after Sand Seas and Sand Seas was set about 8 years after the main plot of the series. He was suppose to be 26 at the start of his adventures.
  7. @Alice84 I really am enjoying it even if it feels like they sped up a couple plotlines at the beginning. But still we get to see more action, more Wu Xie leading a team and using his brains, and some sass from him towards certain people. I wasn't too surprised about the one point in the last couple episodes and I have a feeling that things are still not going to go the way that those people think they will.
  8. He is and I just love seeing that they do allow him all sorts of various things. I miss him with the rest of the gang but at the same time, Wu Xie also needs to show that he has grown and changed from the simple Innocent that followed his Third Uncle into a tomb without having no idea what he was getting into. And that is what I liked about this show. The rest of the missing plotlines from all the cuts they had to make wasn't the best, but still I do have hopes we can get some more interactions from the trio and probably some closure on the Thunder City line.
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