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  1. ARTHDAL CHRONICLES THEORY *contains spoiler* All this time I thought that ES is Arammun but today something came to my mind. Like said before when the world was created the three heavenly objects were sent to this world and also when the world is going to end they will come back. I believe in form of reincarnation. That means Tanya is reincarnation of Asa Sin and I think ES might actually be Risan's ik people will not agree I also want him to be Aramun but thinking about it they both loved each other and lived down in lark and also Saya might actually be Aramun. Because when u think about it the sword that will slay the world might be Risan if I am not wrong he was a warrior and also the bell is Asa Sin and her psychic powers and also the mirror might be Aramun so Saya. But I really don't know and I hope that Es is Aramun. Still the way the horse reacted "he's a weak one" really left me surprised I was wondering if there's also someone else.
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