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  1. Veronica and Sanchez.. I cried when I watch Veronica said goodbye to Sanchez, it's too sad..
  2. The encoder and subber for this drama worked really fast. The day haven't change yet, but I already can download and watch it with english sub..
  3. I'm curious about the ghost from room 13. She seems dangerous but why the hotel staff not chase her when she run away? And who the man MW love? The Captain or Yeon Woo? It's really confusing..
  4. Nooooo... KW really died? That means time to say goodbye to Voice..
  5. Hey everyone, all this time I've been a silent reader. I open this forum almost everyday and I'm happy to read all of your analysis. And the pohang event, just made me smile all day..
  6. I haven't watch the last 2 episodes yet, but thanks to the recaps here makes me not curious about the ending anymore. I also want voice season 4 although there's no more KW.. ☹️
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