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  1. I'm very disappointed with the action scenes, they really sucks, some fights are just cut in half, or even in slowmotion so they didn't have hard work doing it, even reading the novel i got the same excitement from the anime fights, but the Drama failed hard in show the God Ye's true hability.
  2. I don't know how this schedule works, they already put 8 eps on air and it's 7/24, so when they will upload more? on 8/2? puff, i just subscribed in this site and watched 8 episodes in a row, and now my anxiety is killing me.
  3. Su Mucheng is his previously team mate, Guo chem is the Internet Cafe owner where Ye Qiu works and Tang Rou is Guo Chem old friend. I'm a bit worried about the show, i already dropped 2 dramas of this guy(love o2o and martial universe), dunno if the Ye Qiu character who is already 27 is suitable for him.
  4. I could say that for a romance ep 37~38 was already a top tier ending and at first i could not tolerate Jing Wu taking a great part in the main group... but now on 45 im relieved for being back in this awesome drama... Lu Zhao Yao just cut his lines saying the he never could be her lover, after all they just met at the wrong time. Just started in this "Drama world" a few weeks back when i finished Fight Breaks Spheres and started The Legends for the Wuxia history line, but i just love it, i accidentaly found this forum when i was looking for some pics to do a fan art. my english is very bad, but still wanted to express my love for this show.
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