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  1. hayyss actually this thread is particularly to cw and jk. that is why its chaeki. dont mention any other pair to respect the shippers who still ship them. anyway regarding on his personal issue, sadly to say in jk side its really dissapointing to know that a smart guy like him will be failed in marriage. he is a one woman man type, a quite possessive and jealous, caring, sweet and a very understanding lover. whatever his reasons its really deep because jk is not the a guy who easily gives up unless its really offensive to him and he sees no hope at all to the situation.there's no one to hold on or hold back because everything is in a hurry and the foundation of relationship is not that strong. i had some quite idea who he is because i'd been a chaeki shipper ever since 2012.
  2. actually i read in this thread that they did date before he enlisted in military. but they just keep their relationship lowkey. also as per my observation on their words and actions. i also know that before jk enlisted he proposed to cw for marriage but she refused it because their relationship is not that established and her priority is her work. sadly they broke up. but tbh guys cw is really the goddess of jk!. she is really close to jk ideal type of woman who is Miranda Kerr!. hayyyys hopefully they will reunite to another project again and hoping through that they can rekindle their romance not now of course but someday.
  3. hi guys what is your pov re joongki filing for divorce to hyekyo. dont you think there is a chance on our ship if ever?. what do you think guys?
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