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  1. Yes exactly. Im silent reader here but i do ship them from the very beginning & eversince with kyo itself. Let's just pray for both of them. As they've said, let us respect their decisions. Whatever the reason was, it's their private life to protect with. Though sad as it was but the fact that songsong couple exists once was enough to cherish the memories forever...
  2. Exactly, I feel u. No problem cant be solve without humilty & proper conversation
  3. So true.. Joongki should have handled it in a matured and manly way. But things happened as it is. Felt so sorry for kyo being mistreated again...I prayed for strength to keep her strong amidst of it. Will continue to support her still.
  4. Im sorry to offend you but if you have noticed I was specifically stated as it is a speculation, not a conclusion since I only heard it frm a friend whom religiously ship the couple and I too wont believe it. Just I was asking cassandra or falakmeer to clear up things since they're korean, I guess. You should also watch your mouth, cursing and criticizing me as if you only care, since all of us here were sad of the bad news. I believe noone wants their relationship to end up like this either. I believe arguing over pitty things wont help solve the problem. Thank you.
  5. Please @Cassandra E. Bett or @falakmeer maybe you can also gv an explanation regarding those rumors about the makeup artist of kyo having a one night stand with joongki? If its true, unfortunately its a big reason for infidelity. Knowing kyo for her past relationships, she dont wnt the other 's untrustworthy. It' s still speculation, not a conclusion anyway...
  6. I think the interview was not true. It happened also with one of the Phil drama, that Avuela is still the reason...
  7. Exactly! I thought about it long time ago....the friend's wedding, the vacations, etc. but i was actually denying the fact that maybe one of them was just busy for other commitments. I was relieved when joongki wore the ring during script reading but all was for a show indeed. I'd rather not see it than being fooled...
  8. Me too, I was out of my daily work routine for the whole day. I even thought of having half-day leave upon knowing the issue. I was searching my phone the entire morning to sum up if everything is true. So sad, so heartbroken, so unbelievable... I thought they both treasured the love that they had even for worst days. But things changed now. No songsong couple anymore Can anybody clear the thought, why did joongki need to file a divorce instead of hyekyo? For modesty aside, is it kind enough if the woman will file the divorce first instead of him? That thought made my heart ache more....
  9. It's soooo sad to think that songsong couple didnt last. Personality differences can be settled even not to the point of divorce. We all have that differences afterall. But as they have said, we need to respect their decisions. Celebrity as they are, they also have their own private lives to protect. I invest so much emotions for them though, I guess we all. But let's pray for both of them to be happy despite everything.
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