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  1. Hi friend. I like your comments. It is good to see things from different angles.


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    2. nohamahamoud2002


      You are welcome :)


      I try to separate between the actor and the role. I like the actor so I try to be nice in my comments about MS.


      But MS has many problems :)

      He didn't get over Jenny. I am looking at his character from your viewpoint now. 

    3. Bejaffled


      I think the actor is great. I have softened a little toward his character as well. My empathy has kicked in. He has made some bad strange choices, but I do think childhood trauma and abandonment has affected his reasoning. He's certainly a more interesting character than ES or any of the 3 Stooges. 

    4. nohamahamoud2002


      I think he needs to let Jenny alone. She is miserable and will never love him. Anyway the thing I notice about MS is that he says something and means something else. He makes me think a lot. What does he really want? He is more difficult to understand than shady mom.

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