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  1. I've just finished watching Ep 5. Zi Yuan is so...... What can I say about her? Gross.Yeah. She's exactly so gross. My god. Everyone thinks that Ke Huan is the bad guy her while Zi Yuan playing victim
  2. It's on the 10minute trailer. It's on 05:25 minutes I guess. Here I give you the link
  3. Hi everyone. My name is Erin. Actually I'm not a newbie on Soompi. I've created many soompi accounts and end up forgetting the username and password lol. So this is my new account again It's been a long time since I saw a Taiwanese drama. And what can I say for BWGM? It's awesome. Esp the sexual tension of WW&KH. My gosh every time they have a scene together suddenly I feel really hot Anyway I've watched the 10minute trailer for the third time. People are like saying KH doesn't love ZY anymore because she didn't respect him much. She didn't discuss anything to him and take the initiative alone. But the time KH stopped loving ZY is because they once had a child together. And like usual ZY didn't discuss anything with KH and did an abortion. That's when KH stopped loving ZY.
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