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  1. I dont agree when you said that LFX and YX souls hug each other, because based on the novel, yunxi is truly still alive.... Honestly I like GQS's character, but in the film I don't like him because he should know that YX is already married with LFY. I loved YX very much because she is a faithful wife, and very loyal to her husband...
  2. Can you give me link for the novel? I will appreciate so much....
  3. OTP is One True Pairing, is a fan's favorite pairing in a given fandom. The term implies extreme devotion, and some fans have no interest in creating or consuming fanworks for anything but their OTP. OTP here is pairing between ZZH and JJY in Behind The Scene of LoYX drama. Yes, FY will get intimate with YunXi of course! but the story is full of surprise which tests their intimacy resistance ...
  4. Guys I have a good news!! Ju JingYi and Zhang Zhen Han will have a drama together again in 2020, titled The Way of Flavours. JJY as Fu Rong and ZZH as Xu Jin. The entire information can be found at https://wiki.d-addicts.com/Upcoming_CDrama and https://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_Way_of_Favours Wow!!! Amazing!
  5. I love FY and YX characters and chemistry very much!! I don't like about YX, when she always comes to GQS when she has problem or she doesn't with FY. I don't like this because YX should have realized that she was already married to FY. As a man and husband it a must that FY become jealous and hurt. But I don't know why YX does it a lot with GQS. Maybe YX just "using" GQS and has no feeling at all, but just best friend. I think It's not good at all. I hate scenes about GQS "always there for YX, compared to FY", although YX's love is just for FY. I hope there will be season 2 (in modern age or just continues, it's ok).
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