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  1. Next week is the finale! As i was watching the preview, i cant help but wonder what will happen to the newly minted couple. Although L.Kang said not to talk about MS and their past, the last preview brought up L.Kang's deppest sadness. His mother. My view on L.Kang & CY possible thoughts: MS was dumped because CY all along has feelings for L.Kang. MS died. L.Kang's mother gave the chocolate to CY for survivial. L.Kang's mother died. CY got to know the reason why L.Kang was a surgeon who could not operate. L.Kang might have thoughts of CY being related to every of his worse events. While CY might have thoughts of herself being the one who brought bad moments to him. One decided to leave for Greece, and the other never give chase. However, seems like the couple will reunite in Greece as shown in ep.1. I want to believe that L.Kang eventually got over his confused and torn state and realise being with CY is what he wants. To be happy. Just like in the past, there's his mother, uncle and puppy.
  2. Was browsing YouTube on the drama's sniplets & came across this: Chocolate (2019) Trailer | 초콜릿 - Chokolrit @ 1:39 The last few seconds scene seems to be L.Kang & CY. Gives me a bad feeling... will one of the leads die?
  3. Its such a half-hearted finishing.... Are they giving us a preview into season 2/ part 4 or was the viewership so low that they briefly end this whole drama in sketches? Kinda dissappointed.... At the back of my mind, i think there's more to it. The daughters of Dr. Harim. The Neanthals. Waiting game...
  4. Its heartwarming to see : 1. EunSeom thinking of Tanya at the brink of his death as he plunged down the waterfall. 2. Tanya thinking of EunSoem as she's out of idea what to do & wished he's beside her. Both still place each other as priority in times of desperation... Yet their screen time together are so minimal! :( Side note: YangCha's expression when Tagon assigned him to guard Tanya. Adorable!!! The reluctant eyes, not wanting to be close to the girl who could read his thoughts. This couple is interesting too if there were ever to be matched! ^^ Two more episodes. So much can happen!
  5. Looks like the next two episodes will contain scenes where CYH has decided to leave for Clevland + KSY's father outcome. Wonder if he will head towards KSY's apartment before heading to the airport... Silently saying & waving goodbye to the one he opened up to, the one who makes him wanna be selfish, to care about himself first before other patients... As KSY lay in bed thinking of CYH, he's all the while downstairs looking up at her unit... And he'll probably leave her his apartment password as a sign "wait for me, i'll be back"? How i wish so.... One more week before the closure of the drama!
  6. The post-it note from KSY - Thank you for staying alive & being by my side... That triggered him to apply for the researcher position at Clevland Clinic ; so he can fulfil her statement. It's like he's reciprocating her feelings through these actions. He too will do his part to get his CIPA fixed to be with her. And even if he runs off, somehow he knows she'll find him. He thought of Clevland, she thought of that too. Such a ill-fated yet lovable couple! The Pain & Mgmt team are tightly bonded after going through so many cases with CYH. LYJ said he's sorry to not notice, to not understand CYH and assist him. He used "understand", a word CYH feels no one will understand, they only "try to know". Yet hearing from this bunch, perhaps it warms CYH's heart. He was the one who didnt give people a chance to take a step closer. He didnt want pity. He didnt want closeness and leave them sadness when his time bomb go off suddenly. Will we get to see the nurse coming into terms that her revengeful heart is aimed at the wrong person? Did SSK's words enlightened her? It will be a nice ending if the three including CYH put their differences aside and break the "Death talk" organisation. 3 more episodes!!!!!!!
  7. Like @nrllee had shared regarding his viral labyrinthitis, this would definitely act as a problem to both patients & the hospital. However if the next episode is only about his CIPA condition, i would think the hospital has no right to fire him. "How can you treat a patient when you do not feel the pain they experiece..." My view, the hospital did not consider that the pain CYH has to go through to be alive is equivalent to any patient's pain. Both cases have their own unpredictable ending. The fear of uncertainty made CYH the doctor who could relate to the patients. Patients may have the thought "You have not gone through daily chemo. Its not like any other usual fever..." Pain varies at different condition. Does it mean doctors have to experience all sorts of illness in-order to know their patient's pain? Does this mean that a healthy doctor is unfit to treat the patient? Because they have not experince that sort of pain. My guess on the next few episodes will be: > Pain mgmt team + past patients of CYH stand up together to keep CYH in the hospital > Cherubim being legalised + CYH being implicated into it due to his past record with euthanasia > Removal of the ventilator of KSY's father leading to his peaceful death > CYH condition worsened, KSY saved him. He's still a prof in the hospital after recovery. > CYH leaving Korea to not let KSY experience twice of losing people she love (her father & himself) > KSY appears at cleveland clinic to be with CYH, to be his guardian til his last breath ; no regrets So much guesses but its down to 4 more episodes only!!!! Cant wait!
  8. Somehow... i have a feeling that the writer will not be giving a predicted ending to please the viewers. At least they have given us the innocent scenes between EunSum and Tanya. Like the brief description, thats their fate being first love of one another ; to meet and separate. Tanya not knowing EunSum is still alive will move forward and be a woman of her own. And perhaps, Saya is the only one who can assist her in achieving her goal. Saya + Tanya : high possibility i reckon. As for EunSum... who knows. Maybe he will be with ChaeEun. The girl who spared his life after knowing he is a igutu. The girl who speaks in a similar vibe as Tanya. The girl whose clan looked after him when he leaped off the cliff. Shall keep my guessing running!!!!!!
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