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  1. Same here, hardly watch KDrama, spend most of my free time browsing for news and videos on BTS. Managed to tick off an item in the bucket list which is to attend BTS concert, went last year, flew to Taiwan just for the Love Yourself concert. Another in the list yet to accomplish is to "follow BTS trails" in Seoul and Busan. It is great that Dahae is active with her XHS account, communicating with her fans, be her true self. The use of twitter, Instagram, youtube etc is how BTS started. They were ignored by the entertainment industry, media, during their early debut years, they were not given the opportunity. When there is a will there is a way, and now BTS is the largest boy group in the world, yet they remained humble and are constantly having new contents for their fans. As Dahae fans, we are still here, rooting for her and wishing her success in whatever however small little things she is doing. Cheers....
  2. Howdy everybody, it has been a while with my 2 cents input to this site. Always forgot passwords hence previously had created different pen name such as Msiafan, May Ling etc etc. Looks like our Dahae had still not got into a Kdrama since the last show with her "twin sister" and have been waiting for ages for the release of her Cdrama. However I am glad she is able to enjoy life which is good for her soul, her body and her mind. My respect to Apqaria, Annya and Ely_397 for keeping this site going with your updates and comments. Your love for Dahae is at a different higher level. For now I just want to say that I am amazed with Dahae on her thrifty traits, still shopping at 100 Yen stores despite being a millionaire girl. Reminds me of Warren Buffet who still shops at Walmart and prefer a burger meal despite being a Billionaire. Till then have a good Sunday.
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