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  1. After ep 9, we found out that Tanya is the lineal descendant of Asa Sin, while the others are just indirect and illegitimate/ bastard children. Tagon wants to overpower the Asa so he will need to use Tanya for his scheme. We just don't know for sure what Tagon gonna do? Is he gonna force Tanya to marry his son Saya or is Tagon gonna marry her for himself to secure his own power and get revenge on Asa Ron.
  2. Saya is such a j*rk in this episode, he doesn't give a flying **** about the death of his brother and wants Tanya to give up on Eunseom immediately he gives Tanya no choice. Anw, what you guys' prediction is true, Saya saw Tanya in his dreams through Eunseom's memories, he said it out loud. I don't feel the "love" Saya has for Tanya, he's really possessive and creepy.
  3. After ep7, I'm really afraid that the love quadrangle is gonna be true because Tagon wants to marry Tanya for himself, brace yourselves for the angst, lolllll
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