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  1. I bet he's vey very very busy... He hasn't updated his IG.... good thing we still got to see him thru these pics... Thanks!
  2. Maybe they are just trying to get away from gossips as much as possible. PMY got so much dating humors etc after WWWSK. Why would PMY be dissapointed with HPL when she said beforehand that the most important thing to her before accepting a project is that she will be able enjoy it, and I think she did, she did smile and laughed a lot during HPL making both behind the scenes and on the drama itself. https://www.soompi.com/article/1333475wpp/park-min-young-talks-about-her-private-life-and-chemistry-with-male-co-stars
  3. https://jaenagil.home.blog/ is my paradise. I have a shortcut tab of it in my PC. And I'm very thankful to JJChastity for all her hardwork and Engsub works. But really being KJW's fan is somewhat frustrating sometimes. I want to get more and more of him but he's like a very private actor who doesn't really want vast attentions, that made me love this guy more, he seems so manly and matured. It's like chasing my first love. I feel shy, estatic, fascinated. Sometimes I no longer know what to feel. So thanks again to all those who are elaborating his works, atleast it can sufice some of my hunger for this man.
  4. @jaeuckismylife hahaha, but no I haven't thought of that (about closing my eyes while thinking hahaha, I'm grinning like an idiot right now, but come to think of it, why not? I might hahahaha *feeling guilty*). I just repeated their loving scenes (ep. 9 & 10) for about a thousand times and downloaded various MVs in youtube offline. And yes @liltash85 I think it just ruinned me hahaha, I even subscribed in your fanpic waiting for update like some maniac always trying to see if there's any.
  5. Hey @ jaeuckismylife , I thought I'm just going crazy, but look at this, we're exactly the same. I'm a working mother of two with a perfect husband (according to me) but after watching HPL I suddenly became crazy and created an instagram account to stalk KJW and PMY and joined every HPL FB pages (and liked every post there) plus created account here and read every updates... I think I'm going crazy...and to think I'm no longer in my twenties.
  6. wahhhh, I love that too, and when she accidentally touched his hands while entangling it, oh my, and KJW's gulp after she said "thanks for taking if off" hahaha, as if he's summoning all his control to stop himself from grabbing the rabbit and.. you know...
  7. Hi Guys, I would like to ask, who's the leading lady you would like to be paired with our sexy KJW if ever, and what drama genre? (He's the lead of course!) I would like to see him with Jung So Min and Suzy Bea. I wish he will have another kdrama , commercials, edorsements soon, ASAP.
  8. Gosh, I can't see what picture @jaemin kimpark has posted, it's blocked here at work. I just need to ask because I think my soul is screaming after reading an article about that, can't concentrate. You see it's my first time to ship a kdrama couple. Thanks anyway for the reply.
  9. Guys, what's with the couple ring news? Lee Ei and our Jae wook?! I can't handle this... I want to be matured and just mind my own life. Actually, what I feel right now is kinda freaky, usually not like this, but I really want him to be single, so that he can miggle.. of course with our PMY... huhuhu will my ship sink soooo soon?
  10. You're quite right. Even our own father and brothers won't listen to us when we told them to stop smoking. Atleast he is not pretentious and just being himself. He's really unique and that must be the reason why we are fascinated to him, right? He looks so real, he acts so real, he's really pefectly imperfect as a cliché says. If he will change some of his habit like smoking then it's good, but if not then let him be.,. The thing we can do here is to pray or wish for his health atleast. Just sayin. Jaewooksexiestmanonearth
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