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  1. Love her smile and the side hug. KJK has always been apathetic, passive and grumpy. But when it comes to Somin, he automatically transitions into a man who is patient, responsible and mature, who knows very well how to take care of her
  2. Everything she does for KJK happens never goes unnoticed. They can smile and laugh without pretending to do it. Sometimes he's really trying to get her attention with yelling, patting& comment Their body language even if the relationship isn't a romantic one, we can tell they're close by viewing their contact, and that they say they're closer off camera is great too (ex: SNS). Dont know if that's because they're both shy or something else going on...
  3. Jeon Somin spreads so much positivity and is such a good person.. as a person who likes RM, i think that haters should respect actresses who do their best to try to entertain us. She'll try to entertain us the best she can But the best package thats make me loyal to her is her attitude. She is so humble, not bragging about her talents, she not obsessed to be popular, she dont care about her screen time... she just want to be her self. Focus on what she likes.
  4. OMG She trying to be funny and make him laugh, much less try and take his mind off ?? Wel,,,, KJK never said he didn't find her attractive (i think ), she is a good looking girl and esp in that photo. It's her childish behaviour that he does like right?? Somin is that girl who is willingly to act no matter how dumb she looked like as long as Kjk laugh... the cutest thing ever istg,,, miss their interaction acting silly towards each other like that Heyy KJK,,,, you can never find the such lovely , gorgeous, pretty , kind, caring, silly, cute, funny, shy and crazy girl like Somin
  5. The way he looks at Somin, like she hung the stars is so soft. He just looks like he really adore her, he knows what he's doing Like he's looking at her the way all woman want to be looked at by a man
  6. He let his gaze fall sweetly upon Somin
  7. He can't take his eyes out off her
  8. no, but family zone hihihi
  9. I dont even know how to react this, it hurt for me, and i kept denying. My feeling now just like you letting go of someone you never had.
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