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  1. I'm so happy to see this.
  2. Can't wait to watch the whole episode. Look at our Kookmin.
  3. It's episode 426. ☺
  4. Saw someone on ig translates KJK comments on JSM ig live. But I don't know how to attach screenshots so I'll just paste the url of the account here. KJK really loves teasing JSM. And I remembered he said before that he love to tease the girl he likes. https://instagram.com/runningmanlovers9012?igshid=1963sooqwmm9m
  5. Wow. Thanks for the translations!! She was so happy everytime KJK leave comments. And kim jiseok was the first one who posted and then suddenly KJK also leave comment almost the same time with LKS but JSM only noticed LKS but then he leave comments again and JSM was so happy when he found out KJK was watching her live. My heart was fluttering the whole time even though I do not understand any single thing.
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