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  1. https://www.soompi.com/article/1342133wpp/han-ji-min-and-shin-min-ah-in-talks-along-with-jo-in-sung-and-nam-joo-hyuk-for-upcoming-drama great casts. Make it happen!
  2. @edlan17 HJM is a good friend of the writer. They went to the philippines together and the writer wrote Padam-Padam in which HJM starred in. I am wondering how they will pair the couple up if there is a romance. I hope HJM can pair with JIS. *fingercrossed. thanks for the update!
  3. @YuukiH you are 천사 또 고마와 요! Hugs to everyone here. May they rest well before coming back on screen.
  4. Dear @YuukiH Thank you thank you! 고마워요 It has been a fun ride watching and shipping Jimin and Haein. As time went by, Jimin seems to open up more and more to Haein. That’s why their chemistry blooming. Hope to watch them again in another project. For now, magazine shoot will do! dear chingus, thank you for sharing pictures, videos, thoughts and comments about our OTP. I will keep visiting this page! I hope somebody will write fanfiction about them. I will defenitely read it. ㅋㅋㅋ
  5. @YuukiH if you have time, could you please translate the above video shared by @razledgoose. We want to know what they are saying. They both look sad parting with this drama. thank you so much!
  6. https://www.soompi.com/article/1338174wpp/jung-hae-in-han-ji-min-and-more-say-goodbye-after-finale-of-one-spring-night I can’t get enough of this drama. I bursted in happiness to know that our OTP find their happiness but also very sad to say goodbye to this wonderful drama. It feels like I bid farewell to my best friend. I hope Han Jimin and Jung Haein can be paired in another project!
  7. New stills before the sweet kiss on the bed looking forward to the last episode!
  8. @tok-soompi I believe Jimin’s heart also fluttered. Flip-flop. So many butterflies the last time I ship OTP in a drama was Kimjiwon-Parkseojoon. I love their chemistry on-off screen. And now this LeeYoo couple. I dont know what I will do after the drama ends. I really hope they still maintain their relationship after the drama ends.
  9. @richelle I’m going to ask the same question. I think so. it maybe some kind of short vacation. Been wondering why it is on 10-11 July, it makes more sense if they watch the last 2 episodes together. Cant wait to see their bonding!
  10. Just wanna share my thought. I don't like it when people compare HJM and SYJ. Both actresses are beautiful and have their own charms. It is just because they work with the same production stuff and actors, they are always being compared. Just saying..
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