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  1. Me too, I don't like the naive Tanya before but I love Tanya now, she's clever but she isn't malicious. I hope she will remain the same.
  2. I don't know why they cut this scene from the part 3 trailer for international viewers but it looks like Tanya was crying, poor girl can't catch a break huh. She's at the peak of power but I guess she feels like she's imprisoned in a fancy birdcage and can't go to find Eunseom
  3. That's maybe the reason why the Korean wiki wrote that Tanya later will become the most honorable being of Arthdal, with her bloodline, Tanya is even more honorable than Asa Ron at this point and don't forget that 200 years ago, Aramun Haesulla needed the approval of the Asa to become a god.
  4. I think the way everything pans out in part 2 fit well with how they describe the character in Korean wiki of AC. Saya stuffs Saya's head with the belief that you can only survive if you're at the top of the power so now Tanya's ambition is to become Saya's ideal, a person who has the power over others. Tanya's not cunning, manipulative and power-hungry like Taealha but I've watched enough political shows to realize that the most innocent people could easily lose their naiveté and goodwill when they play the political games. I'm afraid that at the end of the show Tanya will feel like she's lost herself, she's no longer the childlike Wahan girl Eunseom loves anymore and can't be able to stay with a pure person like Eunseom so she remains as his "long lost" first love. :"(
  5. You're so right, I mean, everything that you said had happened in ep 8. Tanya is starting to use Saya in ep 8 to archive her goal. Saya already got his revenge on Taealha for killing his first love, he said it directly to Taealha's face in ep 8, now he's starting on the new and bigger purpose.
  6. It's true, the Korean relationship poster points out that Saya is using both Taealha and Tagon, the translated poster chooses the wrong word to describe. It's not just a "business" and Saya, Tagon, Taealha are obviously not business partners. They're enemies. Saya knows how to play the game really well. When Saya smiled, he looked so much like Joker. Really creepy. Great acting from SJK.
  7. The relationship chart of part 2 wasn't translated well, on the chart, it said that Saya takes advantage of Tagon plus Taealha and vice versa, there is no love here, they use each other for their own purpose, Saya is probably going to be on his own side. I suspect that there will be Eunseom vs. Tagon/ Taealha vs. Saya in part 2 just like how they drew the relationship chart.
  8. Oh god, I'm starting to get confused, today my friend told me that she read a spoiler on Korean websites and the spoiler stated that Tanya will be married to Saya, they will legally become husband and wife. I've scrolled through Arthdal Chronicle hashtag on Weibo China hoping to get more information and they also said the same. How could she be with Eunseom at the end if she's married to his brother? I know Saya is Song Joong Ki anyway but I ship TaEun couple
  9. Excuse me, what does that bold line mean? Are we going to get a love triangle between twin brothers and Tanya?
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