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  1. Are you kidding? She already has a great starting point, she will never be homeless, she probably will inherit some of SSR's fortune and be a rich kid for the rest of her life, not to mention SSR's real daughter is dead, so SK will get more assets that she could have. It depends on herself if she wants to be richer and gain more power/influence on society.
  2. If SK is scared of being poor, why doesn't she study properly and work hard like MSA and Rona? If SK wants to be loved, why doesn't she learn to love and treat other people around her well instead of bullying them?
  3. JDT is really trying to get rid of Rona this time, SH better be the real hero and saves his poor girlfriend
  4. SK is such a pathetic character at this point. She probably wouldn't get along with Min Seol Ah if that girl was alive and SSR acknowledged her as the rightful heiress and biological daughter.
  5. They referred to Seok Hoon and Rona as Romeo and Juliet again in the press conference today, which is good imo because at least Romeo and Juliet got married and died together, it's better than only one person has to suffer alone, lmao
  6. I don't want to turn this forum into tiktok like how SK apologist went against SH apologist on that platform since the moment the trailer came out. But lemme tell you this funny example, by your logic, Tyrion Lannister could be considered an abusive uncle for b****-slapping Joffrey because he couldn't tolerate Joffrey's behavior anymore. But yes, the audience still cheered up for Tyrion tho. Normally we can pull a gender card to defend SK but SK is just as bad as Joffrey so that slap serves her right. After years of getting away easily from bullying people around her, SK must think she was
  7. Seok Hoon stopped being SK's puppet and straight-up b****-slapped SK might be the most hilarious, epic character development on this show ever
  8. It's Kim Soon OK's style. Ha Yoon Chul betrayed his own daughter. He will suffer the same thing and get pushed down too.
  9. That's interesting, according to namu wiki, the main actors/main characters are SSR, OYH, CSJ, which means that all three of them could have a change in their relationship. Personally, I think it would be hilarious if we found out that OYH is CSJ's half-sister, lol.
  10. The problem is that excuse didn't sound convincing because RN didn't even meet MSA at all and didn't form a bond with SA to make her come back sounds reasonable, that's why there're a lot of people on twitter and insta who said RN shouldn't come back and her decision was reckless, she could ruin her mom's revenge plan etc
  11. yeah right, can't deny that SR and RN are good people BUT the facts that SR treasures the children of her enemy more than anything and RN risked her life to earn the trophy for a dead person that she never met are just hilarious and unrealistic af. I probably wouldn't be able to hate SK/SH if I was SR if I had to take care of them for nearly 18 years as a stepmom, but I wouldn't be able to love the twins unconditionally either after I found out that they abused my own biological daughter, not to mention that SK was still a brat. I guess I'm just a normal human being tho.
  12. Yeah, they extended the series to give Sunny and the emperor time to develop their feelings and reconciled in the end, then after the emperor died, Sunny ended up with the emperor's doppelganger who looked exactly like him and even had his creepy attitude. What a wonderful and respectful ending for the original male lead NWS isn't it? I don't think Logan will suffer the same fate with NWS because as the others had pointed out, people ship SR with Logan, not with her abusive husband JDT, while in the last empress, they shipped Sunny with the emperor.
  13. Na Wang Sik's case is different, the drama behind the scene made the actors felt disheartened and he no longer wanted to follow that drama anymore, it was blown all over the news and not just a small gossip. The writer tossed NWS aside and pushed the emperor as male lead
  14. That scene proved that RN is so much like SH's mom SuRyeon, isn't she? lol RN/SR wouldn't report EB/YH to the police themselves but RN/SR would torment EB/YH mentally and remind them about their crimes. No wonder people said guys attracted to women like their mothers.
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