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  1. Hello guys! I'm also a silent lurker in this forum and it is my first time to post. I know what had happened is kinda disappointing and many of us are also dishearted. Many of us started to point a finger who to blame between them. But come on guys, if marriage is not yet the end of their story as well as divorce.. We don't know what really happened between them, but what we can do now as a fan is to extend our prayers to them, maybe to think divorce all over again and decide. We may not know what will happen next but at least we know that we do what we can. Things will certainly happen, we really don't have any slightest idea about future. But praying in to something that maybe many us will believe that is already impossible will never be a bad idea. It may result in to something good or maybe not but at least i know that whatever happens, i did something for them as a fan for the both of them.
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