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  1. @snoopy18 and @falakmeer... Now that this thread is shipping the characters rather than the actors, it is probably not entirely appropriate to continue discussing the divorce. It is inappropriate ON THIS THREAD to point fingers when none of us know what really happened in their marriage...
  2. Hi, I wanted to say that I have amended my comment. I do not know whether the divorce is contested or not and should not have made a statement that implied one rather than the other. Apologies as the last thing I wanted was to give fire to any further speculations. I merely hoped to outline my thoughts and impressions. best -B
  3. EDIT: I would like to emphasise that I am not a legal professional, especially not in korean law. I looked it up because I was curious about comment that SJK was not seeking alimony. So any of my comments are based on that rather than in-depth knowledge of the Korean courts and particularly divorce proceedings. I just wanted to tie this off because it is becoming clear that the reason for [filing separately might be] about who split the money not because anyone did anything wrong. [EDIT: following the comment from @stroppyse I have edited my comment to remove 'contested divorce' and have qualified it accordingly] I realise most people will not ever read this now but I think it best to make this clean. I also hope this clarifies the new article on Soompi which discusses how they will split the assets. The comments on the article are for the most part misleading. 1-In Korean law what you brought to the marriage is yours. (exception-if you were unemployed; stay at home mom; etc) 2-What you acquired during the marriage entirely under your own name is your. (if you bought a dress with your money, that is your dress it doesn't count towards the total amount... you get to keep the dress). So no one is trying to take anyone else's money. What the question is: How to divide the assets (stocks, property, high value items like art) SHK and SJK acquired together after marriage. This could be tricky if they bought a house together. If she paid slightly more but he has paid for all the refurbishment--the same amount of money has gone in to the house from each person. But who owns more of the house (and therefore its value) is it her because she put in more money or is it equal because his contribution after purchase was the same. The article points out that because they haven't been married very long and because the majority of their money was made before the marriage it should be relatively easy. The conflict, it seems is that his side want to do a lump sum but her side want to go item by item. Both approaches are reasonable and it is one of the most common problems in divorce. This isn't a question of 'who gets more' but 'how do we split things'. In context the fact he isn't asking for alimony (let's be clear, alimony is not a thing in Korea), means that his side acknowledge that she is wealthier, she has more assets than he does. Therefore he is not seeking to split the total money 50-50. A break down (i'm using small, fake numbers to make it easy): Before Marriage: SKH $100 SJK $80 Couple $0 During Marriage: SKH $170 SJK $150 Couple $50 (total $370) Dividing assets 50-50: $185 each (SKH +$15; SJK +$35)--This is not going to happen. He is not making money off the divorce Dividing without dividing pre marriage assets: Each keeps their money from before and only divide what they got as a couple SKH $170 + $25 = $195 SJK $150 + $25 = $175 The problem could be that to get that $50 divided equally they have to sell things that she does not want to sell (like property). https://www.soompi.com/article/1335518wpp/song-joong-ki-and-song-hye-kyo-to-reportedly-divide-combined-net-assets-over-100-billion-won Finally, regarding the rumour that he is being pre-emptive so that she doesn't spread lies... Ok. Pretty crass way to put things but I think it is referring to the issue of assets. She stated personality differences (I still think this is correct) but he did not want that to be seen as the reason they filed separately. Rather the reason there is a contested divorce is assets rather than an affair or other sensational reason for divorce (abuse or abandonment). I hope this helps anyone who reads this. All my best.
  4. (Sorry I don’t know how to make the text smaller on my phone. I wrote this in a note then pasted here) Ok. I’ll start by saying I am not a diehard shipper but I have been upset by some of the responses and the willingness to believe rumours and drag either party through the mud. Please understand that I am here because divorce is tricky and it is neither SKH or SJK who have final say over the statements being made. Their legal teams and agencies will have been over everything as a strategy for divorce proceedings—ugly but true. First. It is clear that there were no extra martial affairs. Park Bo Gum’s agency would never take legal action if that was the case. Same with SJK. The agency wouldn’t start legal battles if they might lose because the rumours are true. Second. The source for the “revealing secrets and lies” statement is from an “acquaintance” on his side. Let’s be real. If there was someone close enough to know that and they then leaked it to the media... well they aren’t a good friend to either side or the couple more generally. It is sensationalising and a good headline—click bait. Third. My gut says that filing separately and without notice is because of disagreements over assets. (More on this below) Fourth. Also regarding his filing separately, it must be very difficult for both of them right now. When people are going through trauma they respond differently. Public image-wise filing separately, before his drama finished was a very risky PR move for SJK. (I do not think he knew there would be so much backlash against her; also he should come out and say that people shouldn’t be going after her but my guess is his lawyers have told him to keep quiet). Meanwhile SKH has stated it was personality differences. That is a real thing. It doesn’t matter how in love you are with someone if there is a fundamental difference in how you want to live your life it can undermine that love. It can be little things or big things—in other words everything from how you live around the house, how you want to spend money, or starting a family Finally I am a student of language and am very sensitive to how people use words. In his statement the language reflects genuine pain. Hers is distancing—this is a way to protect yourself from pain, it doesn’t mean she isn’t sad or upset. SJK is clearly the more emotional/reactive while SKH is the more rational/less emotional side of the relationship (imo). Both are legit and there is no shame in either approach to life. Nevertheless it can cause huge problems in a romantic relationship. It starts off exciting because there is a natural push-pull but overtime it causes stresses. (I’m saying this from personal experience. When you are that different it takes twice as much work). BUT!!! I think ultimately their agencies and legal teams are taking different approaches. Personally I think (the way the legal teams are perusing the divorce) is about assets rather than anything else. That is why they are saying he isn’t seeking alimony(as far as I can tell there is no such thing as alimony/spousal support)... therefore one of them probably has more assets and he is willing to just split everything in half rather than determining who gets what. He wants to get out quickly and cleanly and perhaps she is choosing to “quibble” over particular assets—say to split evenly they have to sell property or stocks and she doesn’t want to do that (Say her house). Both are reasonable attitudes... they have both worked very hard to get where they are. (Example personally I would want to go item by item because the idea of selling certain things for a quick divorce would be really upsetting to me...) Ultimately we will never know. I like to think though that neither party is to blame. Speculation isn’t going to help us or them. True I’ve just speculated that it is assets and difference in how they express emotions—so feel free to ignore what I’ve said. Remember if this is hurting you, you have support from this community. Take care of your health, eat something extra delicious, and go for a nice long walk/take a bath or shower/listen to your fav music. Xx Link to info about divorce in Korea where I got my information regarding alimony. https://www.international-divorce.com/d-korea.htm
  5. Sorry real life is going to need to be prioritised. But I did not at all think you were snapping at me. So no offence taken. Best of luck PPC shippers. X
  6. 1- done... 2- wow... very classy to insinuate that I don’t have a younger cousin. And she isn’t even that young... just younger than me. And I feel responsible because I got her into kdramas in the first place. Easy. Every and any time she fixes his tie. That first scene where she tells him she is quitting—that got me hooked on them and it was only the first episode. And the best of the best is the scene when he burns the meat. Call me crazy but I felt that would translate completely into real life for them. As for outside of the show. Hard to say exactly what. Little things and just a sense that they *fit* together. A bit like SSC, it just fits like a glove. —also I am not saying you guys are bad people... just that to outsiders... it is leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths. So snapping at me really doesn’t help the situation.
  7. Hi, My younger cousin alerted me to the drama on this thread and I am posting because of her. And because I’m appalled by the behaviour on the thread. I am both a PMY (since I am Sam) and PSJ(since Hwarang) fan... and a committed fan of WWWSK and PPC shipper. From my perspective you have disrespected both of them in an attempt to “defend” the ship. Things have gotten out of hand on this thread. I am disappointed in the shippers here because: 1-you are talking about their personal/bedroom life. This is not appropriate even as a joke. There are young, underage fans on this and other threads. You have discussed Them both in a way that is highly disrespectful and frankly disgusting. I am including discussions of the bed scene and insinuations about what they are doing together in their private lives. 2-your behaviour to fans and former shippers is bordering on bullying and harassment. I will start reporting(past posts and future) if it continues. Please stop it sets a bad example and isn’t necessary. Ignore it and don’t engage. 3-If you have problems with HPL, go and discuss them on the HPLdrama thread. Posting your opinions here makes it seem like you are bashing the drama because it undermines our ship. If you read that thread people openly expressed their issues so I don’t think there would be any problem with expressing yours. You have accused people from different ships lurking here but from what I can see you’ve been lurking there too. Pot - kettle. Right, before you get defensive. I am coming from the perspective of a long time fan of kdrama and as someone who is probably quite a bit older than most of you. This is meant as advice so that the shippers do not get a bad reputation... we have lost a lot of shippers and fans of WWWSK because of the drama YOU have created. If you want to say I am a hater and that I just created this account to bash the ship... you’ve really misunderstood this oennie/noona’s desire to protect our ship. We ship them because of their chemistry but we don’t need to invite negativity by acting like victims. No one is attacking our ship. They are commenting on *shippers* and their behaviour. I hope that I can come back to this thread later and see an improvement. Please, please think about what you are saying and how it reads to others. Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy the weekend.
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