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  1. I read the Korean translation of the novel which was taken down last Saturday because they're going to officially release the Korean version this year. The book has 71 chapters + 4? or 10 extra chapters. They omitted and changed a lot of things. Fu Pei is not just a jerk in the book, he's literally trash. As for Wan Shan, her character in the book is SO different from the drama! She's the total opposite! But overall, the book has it's different charm! Gu WeiYi is kinda playful with Momo. He teases her a lot in the book which is really cute!! They didn't go to the same university in the book but like in the drama, GWY and Fu Pei are roommates and same for Momo and Wan Shan. Momo and Fu Pei are close friends, but more like Fu Pei is clingy onto Momo. Momo's gives him a cold shoulder sometimes. Wan Shan has a big crush on Fu Pei and even annoys Momo in some occasions to get to see Fu Pei. Momo thought GWY was gay lmao she thought GWY has a crush on Fu Pei, but GWY is just annoyed(?) bec Fu Pei always talks Momo. Anyway, if you have questions, I'll answer them^^
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