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  1. I took it as she doesn't want to deal with it more than that.... idk Yeah it doesn't, I just wanted to put my two cents on it as the tone I get from both that one post of yours and this one is passive aggressive, which no one should really feel the need to get defensive when it comes to a thread dedicated to a drama we all have been enjoying.... I get your opinion doesn't flow with the popular opinion but there is no need for you to place yourself in the corner, also I don't see it as a bad vibe at all (?) What is the point then to go to the trouble of being part of the thread if we are going to be so selective ? isn't the point of being here is having the ability and joy to share the same likeness with others ? I mean I understand with hate comments but ... in this case scenario it seems almost childish to me.
  2. I know your reply has nothing to do with me, but I guess I wanted to mention something considering I think I have read your previous post before. One, I got into this drama thinking nothing much of it tbh and got hooked cause it was light and cute for me. No I wasn't expecting a masterpiece and it's obvious that it won't be but I feel like it would be one those light dramas that people would enjoy going back to even if its not seen as a masterpiece or whatever. The dramas you mention, correct me if wrong but they are heavy on plot line, meaning they aren't simple romcoms. Maybe that is why you aren't really enjoying this drama (?) and because of other preferences you have. I understand you like KW AND LDG, but he was never the main lead to begin with I mean looking up the sypnosis of the drama should've of been a clear sign, I understand if you ended up being drawn to KW and being disappointed to what has come of his character, I like him too so I think I understand your standing but then again he isn't the male lead. And yes MS acting may not compare to him but honestly MS is an idol actor, not be that person but I would expect LDG to be better in acting than MS as it was what he dedicated his career to. idk if that makes sense. I saw MS acting the first time in Single cunning lady I think it's called, and he has come a long way honestly I think he has done well so far. And about the shipping I mean what can I say, I guess let people be happy (?) lol idk it is a drama after all, nothing should be taken serious the people in here mean no harm and just love them individually first before liking them together which should mean a lot, I do get overwhelm when the peeps only want skinship and aren't saying much about the actual plot but then there is others that in my opinion are overanalyzing the plot which takes a lot of me to not tell them that is this isn't a melodrama its supposed to be a romcom slash fantasy. I personally understand if people are not in the same boat all the time especially when it comes to dramas that are still airing, for example I was part of the mess of Reply 1988 thread. Airing dramas has alot of self interpretation and theorizing since its normal for us to want to have answers or get a sense that we know what is going to happen. Idk I guess what I wanted to say is don't be so harsh, the drama is still airing in the end, who knows where the road may lead us, just enjoy the ride, even if you end up disliking it, which happens, just enjoy the mess then, but if you can't bring yourself to do so then maybe just drop the drama or wait until it's complete. And be more careful on how you words things, I don't think the person was running away or anything like that. Both, in both ends could've worded things better, it is easy to misinterpret comments online.
  3. Probably but she will not remember like the first time... They are going to eventually make her figure out that Dan is an angel.
  4. The next episode is going to be so cute and nice lol oof .. And the kiss was kind of a peck but more lovely lol
  5. Guys we still have tomorrow... I like that the story started unraveling more this episode
  6. I never hated KW, and I still have expectations for his character bcus I am not quite on board with the direction they made him take. He used to be broken but still wise and composed now he is just on another level sanity and anguish (the creepy kind). And I get it we can excuse this in a way with the background story of his love, but still there is a limit to that. I am excited though bcus you can see that there is still more to unravel about him. So I have hope for him. I personally don't see him as bad or mean spirited which I been seeing alot of people portray his character as such. He is just intense. His actions come off as too intense and overwhelming. I think that is why alot of people are not fond of him. Now about YS lol... idk if its just me but I don't think he has feelings for YS romantically. From the very beginning his goal has succeed where he couldn't. To give to YS what he couldn't give to Mathilde. To make YS do, what Mathilde herself couldn't finish. Which is the whole thing with Giselle. He has this impression of Mathilde so strong when he approached YS, that every time YS acted like her usual self I would see KW being genuinely shocked (?) Off put, idk how to describe it but as like in his head what he would be thinking was "Mathilde isnt like this. She wouldn't have said such a thing" that kind of reaction . To conclude this, he has from the very beginning trying to disguise YS as Mathilde in his head but that ain't working anymore as he is slowly getting to know YS for herself and not for who he thinks she is... Long post I am so sorry to whoever actually takes the time to read this mess.
  7. I dont think anyone has posted this but here are some subs for the bts #9 https://www.instagram.com/p/ByperqjJrR2/?igshid=v2llyq6v9mnz
  8. I saw the subtitle preview for tomorrow's episode and I have a feeling it is going to be a cliffhanger, and also it is going straight for our heart. idk it seems like is going to be sad in some way. I feel like Dan is going to be in denial until he finds out the truth about his past or until Yeonseon gets him to think straight. Also I like this episode because as someone mentioned you see a lot of character development more than anything. Dan has already realized his feelings, gave them a title and has come to admit them while Yeonseon has not. Looking at the preview I think the time apart thing might be needed for both of them. Also idk why I feel like Yeonseon is going to get impatient first and confess her feelings before Dan does Anywho, things get slow before the pieces start falling in their place so we need to be patient. Oh I saw someone ask what is the point of Dan's mission, If it is not self love or love in general than it might be the whole finding her a significant other. His mission in the end is for her to find love right ? Hu never classified the details did he ? I don't recall him saying any requirements about what or who is must be ? or whatever. As long as she finds love, that is it, his mission is accomplished. right ?
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