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  1. Sjh at were? Jkt have same shirt with this 2 photo, is it a coincidence?
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1TIfYHF_oR/?igshid=3934rk1h4tl4
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2GngCcgXYQ/?igshid=r7af3w9pjxok
  4. It's that really English translate?? In scene that reveal who is haze, the sub English say kjk uncomfortable pair with sjh ? And scene when Sechan say about spartace, someone say the sub it wrong, can someone who speaks Korean very well explain it?
  5. Why I feel both of them like not comfortable at each other or just my feeling?
  6. if you go see pdjay insta, most of the pdjay baby pictures in his insta are almost got liked by kjk but at other pic are not .Why lol?
  7. only they both wear long arms, have they already promised
  8. for my opinion, in 2016 the spartace will get married so they are removed from the RM show plan. refer to the fact that Kim Jong said he would marry in 2016,but I don't remember in what epsd/show he talk it
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