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  1. I am not disappointed at all about the ending. Indeed it is very beautiful and brilliant way to end this fantasy genre. Although there are cases that we need a proper explanation from the writer about Nu Na, Soel Hee, and last but not least, it is still remain mysterious that Angel Kim Dan became a human. After all, this final eps is very scarifying. Angel Dan didn't dissipated and still make YS's dream happiness and he gave her his last breath which is an absolute way to make YS survived from the death. They met and end at the bench and that I think it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you the writer-nim. If you come to think of it, Angel Dan firstly got his mission (Tree's leaf) to meet YS and now it's ending, YS made her own mission to meet Dan. "Today,Right here". It is a fantasy drama so a proper explanation is not expected. Same goes to the way "Golbin ended". I did question why Eun Tak met Ahjusshi again. However, that's not the point of the whole drama, it is a matter of how the viewers see the ending in their own way. But, human is greedy and I am a human lol. I was hoping/praying/texting to the deity to give us special movie about their life together after Dan became human. I wanted to see 10 kids and tirelessly LYS and Kim Dan who shout their lung out to manage their 10 kids. Last but not least, this was my fist time joining this Soompi Forum. This drama is so beautiful and it was also the first K-drama of 2019 I have watched (Since Goblin ended). I don't want to dig out the actress and actor's privacy but I will happily root for them if they decide to date each other. Thank you everyone for sharing all the info/opinions/recap/gifts/pictures/shipping moments in here. I'm truly enjoyed every minutes I spent in here. "There's no proper goodbye" - Kim Dan so I will see you at the shipping thread. HAHA
  2. I appreciate this drama a lot. Here is my fan art of their sweet kiss at the picnic date. https://twitter.com/Yuemystar/status/1148851833353326592
  3. What was YS said at the end? My Heart can't take no more!! Give us a happy ending please, I can't be patient and accept the cruel reality if Writer-nim stab me in the heart by giving the sad ending.
  4. I just finish watching the 27-28 episode I can't describe how beautiful the drama is. I have been immersed into the roles that our wonderful lead actor and actress had portrayed. I last watch this type of genre from the Goblin and I am in love with the plot. Both dramas are unique and their stories are very beautiful and inspiration. We have a week to leave us question, curious and frustrating to know how the writer ends this story. It is very heart broken when I learned that YS destined to die by the wicked. I don't want this perfect girl to die in such young age, she deserve happiness till she grows old and die. If the writer really is going to separate my precious babies (from what mostly how K-drama in this genre would end), Then I will not give it a go for another K drama that has this genre. I have a lot of hope that the writer will give us happy ending. However, we cannot change the fact if it was destined to be a sad love story. But big thank to Shin HyeSun and Kim MyungSoo, their reaction from BTS, making film,interview save me from those tragic ending I have for YS and KimDan. Thanks to them. they show me that Kim Myung Soo and Shin Hye Sun will be a strong ship and that it will going to sail. I have faith in them. My second OTP after Goblin and Eun Tak
  5. I don't feel like Dan and YS fate will be like Giselle. When Dan film YS dance as Giselle, he thought about what JKW told him that YS will sacrifice her life. He yelled 'No,No' and said to YS that why do you have to die? (Refer to Giselle) and YS said don't be immerse to it. She is not going to die for real (She is not like Giselle). Den's eyes were wide open. I feel like the writer trying to let us know that, YS fate is not like Giselle.
  6. The fact that JKW was so angry and drank alot before call YS to meet him, every word came from his mouth was all jealousy. He wasn't a human --- Angel became a human so he is not suitable to be in a position to tell Dan and Yeon Seo that they can't be together. I noticed he startled when Dan told him he was a human. The last words he told YS was so annoying. He against the deity. He became very greedy and jealousy. P/S: YS is my role model when it comes to reject someone. She is so strong and feminism. Love my queen. It is an interesting part when Hu Sunbanim suddenly asked Ms Elena, Are you a father? OMG what if it was a plot twist but Ms Elena taught Ni Na to become a strong but bad person, who chase for their desire. How come Ms Elena become a father? What if Ms Elena is a bad angel. HAHA this week esp is so good. I am all hooked. Can't wait to see what's next in the next week.
  7. Yes, come to think of it. They never found his body. What if Seung Woo was saved and put in a coma, and all of that happened was in Seung Woo's dream. When he recovers, met YS then YS try her best to make him fall in love with her. That's also the best ending for me haha. I want to see desperate YS and cold heart Seung Woo. HAHA
  8. I also at the office, after my lunch break. I open the pc to this forum and saw the BTS of the kiss scene. I watched mutely but still I can't stop myself from smiling so wide. I looked specious and would probably is confused people that I am in love or sth. OMG!!! #soosun couple never fail to make my heart skip a beat!!
  9. And both main leads's IG tagged are filled with this adorable still https://twitter.com/ssinz_fg7/status/1143717580625940480
  10. This is the cutest vid of Soosun couple I see today. :'( I wonder why they didn't upload a full one? Anw, did you notice Myungsoo in the first clip, after Haesun said stop it, he obediently follow and said "Arasso, khamenhae" haha so cute
  11. I already a member and I stalk your acc on twitter from time to time (I mean all the time) lol. I ship them so much
  12. Hi! I have been a silent reader for the very beginning I started watching this drama. Actually, I saw the first ever kiss scene and got attached. Dan and Yeon-Seo are very cute and I could see their chemistry. I really like to read ya'll opinions and analysis about the ending. I hope for the happy ending but I am willing to accept if our writer-nim turn it to a sad ending instead. Overall, I am just super glad I am watching this drama. L and Hye Sun are the cutest! <3 I really like them so much. I will continue to read you guys opinion and I am so happy to be here!
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