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  1. i love that the most , he looks like those overprotective boyfriend
  2. the part where they are playing in a conveyor belt in the pool and the first word that the staff gave to kjk is “frog” is somewhat fishy because they keep giving keywords that has theme but when its kjk term they put “frog”, and we all totally know whos the only one associated with frog
  3. got bored and start reading my natal chart & compability chart then think of kookmin so i tried putting their birthdays and even the stars agree that they are so compatible hahahahahaha just want to shre it with you guys since we’ve been so quiet https://astro.cafeastrology.com/astro.php
  4. just casually reading comments in yt then this comments by our co-shippers were on point, it makes me feel giddy
  5. i dont know if it is just my delulu mind again but in the latest MUD episode when they are setting up SM and JM and when JK about to call SM, i noticed that byul was like “huh?” and she whispers something to haha. I think she knows something hahahahaha
  6. oh and hey somin just posted a pic in insta i dont know if the translation is correct but it says “sechan-ang you should take a picture too” lol is this about that time where kjk takes her picture and upload it, then sechan also post a pic that was taken by kjk :>>>> is she teasing them sorry for being delulu im just thirsty for some kookmin moments
  7. Episode 456: While Sechan and Somin are presenting I find it odd when the pds focused on jk face for a long time where they talk about relationships . There are many kookmin lowkey moments i just cant pin point it all but im sure that you will see it when u watched the ep (btw the engsub at kshow123 is out YAY) Also im so happy that the amount of hate comments to SM has lessen and I think that kookmin (in 456) interacts more freely than the last “dud” episodes that we had. As a shipper, I also still don’t believe that they are now in a gf-bf status , BUT I HAVE A STRONG FEELING THAT THEY DO HAVE A “THING” (its so obvious lol even non-shippers can see it) btw on a side note i am binge watching old episodes and just WOW i just noticed that even before when they dont interact as much as today THE ATTRACTION IS TOO STRONG. I dont know how to tell this but they are always acting like they have a crush on each other :——-)))))))
  8. this is my take on this episode. When they are practicing for the dance at the last part kjk insist to dance with partners (my delulu mind think that he is thinking abt dancing with jsm but haha immediately hi-5 him) then when he was dancing with haha i found it weird that he made a mistake for the last step (that seems the easiest) then he again insist to dance with a pair (even now pointing to the direction of somin) hehehe and atlast he completed his own mission to dance with jsm
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