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  1. Would you say Guo Jing is more powerful than ZWJ as he learnt all of the Nine Yin along with his other skills? I always think that Yáng Guo is extremely powerful because he basically learnt the swordplay of Dugu Qiubai. I believe there is no one in the JY universe who is more powerful at swordplay than DGQB. The reason for it is simple - he went his entire life roaming the martial arts world seeking a challenger who could defeat him but in the end, he died without losing. His swordplay skills developed to the point where he could fight without the physical existence of a sword! Although not much is written about him, I do believe the only thing lacking with DGQB is his inner energy and that it’s not as powerful compared to the other greats in the JY universe.
  2. I always wondered, with all the martial arts ZWJ learnt, would he be more powerful than someone who learnt the entire Nine Yin Manual? He let ZZR beat him but she also only learnt a part of the Nine Yin Manual, not all. What do people think?
  3. Thanks. I didn’t think she really married him either but she never explained to anyone at the end that she’s not Mrs Song, that’s why I didn’t think it was very clear. I enjoyed this 2019 version all the way until the end which I think left some unexplained. The two elders in the book were supposed to have their martial arts skills reduced by Zhāng Wújì but nothing happened to them?! They sold themselves off to let the Ming Cult people assassinate Zhao Min’s Father, that was all! I felt the last episode was the least enjoyable as they tried to close off the story but was a bit rushed.
  4. So now that TVB has broadcast the last episode of this 2019 version, there’s a bit I didn’t quite understand. Did Zhou Zhiruo really marry Song Qīngshū in this version or was it fake and she just felt sympathy for what happened to him at the end? They didn’t make it very clear.
  5. I think he also said that often he speaks his mind and because of this, he sometimes upsets people. As with the Yáng Buhui and Yin Liting relationship, I also think it’s a bit weird. For me it’s not the age gap, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they’re happy. It’s the fact that she went with her dad’s former love rival. Well, I say love rival but in truth, I don’t think Ji Xiaofu had any feelings toward Yin Liting at all and I might be wrong but, I don’t think they had hardly even met face to face??! I guess JY wanted to find closure for Yin LT’s character so he wrote it the way he did?!
  6. As soon as this Yáng Xiao made his appearance I thought... this guy’s a smooth operator! Probably one of the coolest Yáng Xiao of all the versions (even cooler than the one in the 1994 Taiwan version) and all the ladies must love this bloke! Does anyone know if Yang Xiao is meant to be a cool, calm and collective person in the book?
  7. Oh, yeah, if I acted like ZWJ in the book - my wife wouldn’t have married me in the first place and she probably would have used Nine Yáng White Bone Claws on my manhood and blasted me out the door using Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, haha! But you know, I just want to see that ambiguous ending cos i’ve never seen it before. As I mentioned before, I missed the 2009 version. I’ve seen the 1986 TVB version with Tony Leung which I used to love but I think it’s quite dated with it’s low production scenery and backdrop (you can’t beat Mainland China for getting the natural backgrounds and scenery), the 1994 Taiwan version which I thought was excellent and had the best actors (probably the best ever ZZR in Kathy Chow) and the 2000 TVB version which had the worst miscast as ZWJ! I like this 2019 version but like a lot of people, I thought the slow-mo fight scenes were unnecessary. If they could’ve made it more fast paced fight scenes like how TVB HK did it would have been better. HK used to be famous for it’s martial arts choreography in films and tv. Oh, and is the Three Lives Three World actually any good? Look, I wouldn’t actually watch a show just for pretty girls (although Dilraba is also very pretty), it does have to be a good watch. I’m a bit shallow for pretty girl celebs but not that bad.
  8. Thanks. She’s pretty but I wouldn’t actually watch a bad show just because she’s in it, unless it is good? I’m a bit shallow for pretty actresses but not that shallow, haha! But I might try to catch it to make my own mind up if I get the chance.
  9. Hi, thanks for your input. Look, the whole rooting for ZZR thing cos of the girl playing her role is just a minor extra thing I added in as a comment, it’s not an important factor or serious point of argument. It’s all fictional anyway so nothing wrong with complementing a pretty celebrity on tv- my wife doesn’t mind! Anyway, my main point was that I have never seen an ambiguous ending for HSDS and just wanted them to follow the book (albeit 2nd edition) to be a bit different. I was born in HK but grew up in the UK and have watched a lot of western shows as well as TVB HK productions and the endings are not always happy, but that’s life. Life is not always clear cut and sometimes films and tv shows should reflect that if it makes a more interesting story or finale. I don’t know if it does make a better ending but it sure will be different to the other versions I have seen. Anyway, I actually think that all of ZWJ’s love interests have a dark side with the exception of the girl who left for Persia (can’t spell her name). You’re probably right though, ZZR’s actions and bad choices were too much for her to be able to be with ZWJ but ZM did bad things too at the beginning. I guess he likes ZM cos she is like his mother? I will try and see the 2009 version but I only understand Cantonese or English subs. Thanks, regards.
  10. I actually wanted to see them make the ambiguous ending where ZWJ can’t choose between ZM or ZZR. I’ve seen far too many tv series of the Condor trilogies where the hero goes off with his one love into the sunset. Guo Jing only loved HR and YG was too much of a love sick puppy, he wanted to commit suicide cos he thought Little Dragon girl was dead. Come on, be brave, make it more interesting and portray a flawed hero for once! I also have always felt a bit sorry for ZZR. It’s a bit unrealistic of JY to make her suddenly become this evil b**ch even though she was kind and gentle all the years growing up before. I suppose one can only guess she turned like that firstly, cos she was bound by a huge sense of responsibility to make Emei pei great and obeying her master’s wish, which prompted her to feel like she must get her hands on the sword and sabre at all cost. And secondly, ZWJ ran off with ZM on her wedding day and that would be enough to p**s any bride off! Yeah, she did some pretty bad stuff which she does ask for forgiveness at the end. But don’t forget that ZM was a cunning evil b**ch at the beginning, her men crippling ZWJ’s uncles. Lastly, I also admit that I personally think that Zhu Xudan is hotter than Yukee Chen so it makes me root for her character more but that’s my opinion.
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