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  1. Finally have some time to watch the latest ep, & im crying a lot that reunion, i'm pretty sure dan will say that he need some time and he will come back stronger to protect ys... I just want them to be together
  2. Thanks @jakey09 Just my opinion of Dan's mission, I think the feather at his handkerchief is glowing cos he is in right track of his mission to find ys's love. But she might need more love, as in love towards her family and people around her. Like someone have said (sorry I can't remember who) the theme of love is not just a true love, but love towards everybody, including herself. Dan did a good job in leading her to love more and soften her heart to accept people. Contrary to jkw, his action is against the God's will, he is even dismissing his mission for his own needs, thus he is punished to be mortal. It may seem that their situation is similar, but their action is what determine the God's action towards them.
  3. Hi! I've been a silent reader for quite some time, as I enjoyed the discussion... Decided to join in bcoz I'm too excited hahaha. First of all, I'm an infinite's fan aka L's, but never actually enjoy his acting as much as this before, but in this drama, i definitely can say that he is Myungsoo all the way, his bright and bubbly acts, his dimples especially hihihi. And shin hye sun, her acting is daebak!! She potrayed her character perfectly. To be honest, I'm quite picky with kdramas and the unique storyline is what dragged me in. I can't wait to watch the progress of main leads relationship, and the back-story of Dan's. I wonder why he keep on dreaming about his childhood memory when he was not supposed to remember it at all (bcoz he is an Angel now). Anyway, I really enjoy the story so far and hopefully, the happy ending for all. span widgetspan widgetpan widgetspan widgetspan widget
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