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  1. I’m a scary cat so it took a lot of courage for me to finally start Voice. I’m brainwashing myself, “watch it for KJW!”. I’m only on ep 5 so Mo Tae Gu hasn’t been introduced yet. But I watched the interview and was heartbroken when he said the water was cold and he acted as if it wasn’t. Actors put in such hard amounts of work and dedication! I just know I’ll be thinking “poor baby” when I finally get that scene. And keep in mind the after effects he felt playing his role.
  2. I have a question, I’ve always known him has KJW, but he calls himself Kim Jae Uck. Does wook and uck sound the same in Korean? Is KJW his stage name?
  3. Hi everyone! I loved JaeWook in Coffee Prince but never followed him or watched his works after CP. Now is definitely time to catch up. I’ve never fangirled before but Ryan Gold’s character (really kJW’s acting) has totally enchanted me. The withdrawal and urgency to get to know KJW more got real!!! My random rants: Thank you for sharing these links! I enjoyed reading the interviews even if it was almost 10 years ago. Is it strange if I can picture him in my head, hear his voice, and even imagine his posture and facial expressions? Lol If in 2010, all he does is sleep for a month after a drama, I wonder how long it’ll take for him to choose another project. (~~~Heartbroken and dying on the inside.... but please get all the rest you need JaeWookie) Yes, he’s freaking gorgeous but his no-judgement and carefree persona is so attractive! I love that he has a strong sense of self, who isn’t swayed by others and simply wants to do things that’ll make him happy. Thank you for being you, for your honesty and uniqueness! I just wish the best for him ❤️❤️ One of my favorite pictures of him... Credits to owner
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