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  1. He commented back on his recent post (the picture at the museum), does any have a clue what was said? Thanks
  2. Not sure if anyone is interested, but I thgt I’d share just in case.
  3. I like KJW’s St. Laurent fashion much better than Paris one. Also YEH video was so random. I was hoping to spot KJW somewhere in there lol (nvm, I get it now, he could’ve recorded the first part! Slow me)
  4. I love RM too and I imagine a clumsy, charming KWJ
  5. I scrolled thru the comment section after submitting my vote and everyone in most recent comments voted for Labit
  6. Omo!!! That was candy to my ears.... wish they didn’t cut KJW scene out but oh well! Thanks for sharing. Also, I’m sure this was probably a cameo scene but what drama or movie was this from? Thank you.
  7. I’d pick Han Hyo Joo. I kinda want to see him in an action/spy movie like Healer or City Hunter. But we know our genius can pull off any genre. I hope has tons of offers and choose a project soon as well!
  8. Hi everyone. Found this on Twitter. Regards if rumors are true or not, as some fans have stated already, as long as KJW is happy. I’m happy. Fans should be supporting him, not giving him grief. Credit @scarletly_
  9. He’s gorgeous as usual. I’ve been watching a lot of videos on Instagram and Twitter and he’s so polite to his fans. It’s adorable! Idk how I feel about his hairstyle. It’s the same from Korea airport photos to Dunhill’s show. I think it hides his beautiful face. I’m happy he’s getting the fandom he deserves.
  10. You all are so great!!! Thanks for all the updates!!!
  11. I just finished rewatching coffee prince. And on the last episode I realized that the actress that played Ryan Golds mom was also Manager Hong’s ex.
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