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  1. Hello guys, I am new to this board. I just want to share this with you all. This really speaks about Dan coming into Yeon-seo's life. A sweet rain coming into a long period of drought. Danbi (단비) is pronounced dahn-bee, and it holds a very poetic meaning in the Korean language. Literally translated, Danbi means “sweet rain”. It refers to the first rain that comes after an exceedingly long period of drought, and it can be likened to the feeling of finding water in the desert. Source: https://www.rebeccakim.com/blog2/2016/6/26/behind-the-name-rebecca-danbi It seems like rain is really important in their story. Dan's wings only show during rainfall, the angel sunbae said that this happens because they first met and Dan saved Yeon Seo during rainfall.
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