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  1. I guess most persons are still stuck in structure. The idea that you should't stand out in a crowd. That you can't be a nail that protrudes because you're bound to be hammered down. Sad. It's they who are missing out on witnessing the beauty of how she is making herself whole again. A beautiful masterpiece of broken pottery put back together by her own hands. It takes a lot of courage to leave someone who you thought you would be with forever. She could have crumbled, but she didn't. She makes no apologies for how she chooses to repair what he broke. She wanted a hero but, finding him lacking, is becoming her own hero. Because no matter how epically people may think she has failed, it's still better than not trying at all. So she stepped on a lego for him. She always has, for those she has loved. Admirably, she's one of those rare persons who has the ability to move through life's crucibles and rise to the surface to show for those of us who are willing to see that there's a light at the end of the tunnel, that it shouldn't matter whom you love, whom you kiss, or even how many, or where or or why because all of us, without exception, are wired for love, that karma is the most patient gangster ever, that there are better things to do than being mean and sending hate someone else's way, that not everyone deserves a seat at the table of one's life, and that he can go disappoint the next woman because he is now irrelevant. Ha ha My wish for her now is to continue believing in magic, in what's-meant-to-be-will-find-its-way-to-you, in happy endings and in the thought that the world is not as cruel as it seems. I hope no one ever steals her smile, that she continues chasing sunsets, dancing in the moonlight, and coloring outside the lines. And, I pray her next love will be her last and ever after.
  2. This is how it's done. No fanfare. No fuss nor stir. No brouhaha. No trumpet blare. Just plain facts. Over and done with.
  3. This now begs the question, "why did they separate so early in the marriage?" I now have even more questions that will probably never be answered ...
  4. First time i've heard of eddie peng and now i'm following him on ig heehee career credentials seem impressive, having achieved critical and commercial success. And ( a whopping AND ) after the hallyu ban in china, he replaced the ex as the face and spokesperson of vivo. Irony exacting her sweet revenge?
  5. They separated months ago but even up to this day, you know she's hurting. Her eyes tell stories and her smiles have fought through wars. She's doing what every person with a positive attitude does, she's healing herself and living in the present while bravely allowing us to see her emotionally naked, with all her scars and her vulnerabilities. It speaks volumes. She need not say a word. That is what makes her different and incredible. Why focus on the storm? She may have been given a cactus but she doesn't have to sit on it!
  6. You beat it to it. Can never thank gigivillaceran and dukesa 1122 enough for the daily updates!
  7. O M G, WE'RE WATCHING THE PHOENIX RISING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES!! Love it!! Love her!! To the haters: She just knows what to wear on what occasion. To the ex: Eat your heart out! Love what you have before life teaches you to love what you lost. Strong women don't play victim, don't make themselves look pitiful and don't point fingers. They stand and they deal. - Mandy Hale
  8. Oh, is that what the guy in the video was saying? It was 30 mins long, he said a mouthful but ... he lost me at aigoo hahaha the sponsor must be so powerful that he managed a clampdown on her secret child not just in china and korea but also in vietnam, thailand, singapore, taiwan, japan and every free country where shk and the sponsor are popular. He must wield more power than the world's #1 superpower at that time - the US president! But even bill clinton couldn't stop the press from leaking out the monica lewinsky story! And no blind items all these years? First, they tainted her image. Not much success there. Then they threw a pity party. Ohh, he's crying and his father is taking the blame for the divorce boohoo. Few attended. She made a public appearance and wowed the crowd. Latest and, hopefully, last ditch media resort: concoct stories so crazy, they must be true. The logic of this media technique is that no one in his right mind would claim such an absurd and ridiculous story unless it's true...
  9. While i too wish that divorce and sjk would not be mentioned, it's inevitable because it's newsworthy. On the other hand, her public appearance move was brilliant. It sent her messages across loud and clear: 1. There is nothing shameful about a divorce. 2. Opinions are a dime-a-dozen and they do not need to validate my worth. 3. Life is too short to leave my happiness in someone else's pocket. 4. To her fans and the general public: I am okay and forging ahead. 5. The most courageous and dangerous human is a smiling woman sitting in silence. 6. Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you. 7. Even the most beautiful story must end so i'm writing a new one. 8. I am a loyal person. Here i am to thank you for your loyalty as well, sponsors, fans and friends. BRAVO, SHK!
  10. Song Hye Kyo has been the brand’s model since December 2017. She’s actively taken part in the promotions ever since, holding multiple events all over Asia. News reports claim Song Hye Kyo refused to cancel this event despite what she’s been going through because of her loyalty to the brand. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/song-hye-kyo-first-public-promotion-divorce/ another article about SHK: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/song-hye-kyo-planned-pregnant-filming-encounter/ guys, if you happen to see youtube videos that spreads malicious rumors and inaccurate info about SHK pls do make comments correcting them and defend SHK or report them WE STAND BY YOU KYO! This is the lion's roar. Yes! ( in Buddhism, the lion's roar has to do with "a kind of faith, a kind of trust that our heart can be with whatever comes our way. It gives us a confidence that can be described as a lion's roar, a confidence that gives us the freedom to live life fully rather than resist and back off from threats we may receive."
  11. Fellow SHkers, i know that this situation is nerve-wracking, causing many of us,,paricularly longtime supporters of shk, to suffer from stress and anxiety. During times like these, we should watch our words. Not all of us are fluent in english and words we say may be subject to interpretation or, worse, to misinterpretation. Even commas are important! For example, "we're going to learn to cut and paste kids" is very different when a comma is added, as in "we're going to cut and paste, kids." This applies to any other language, including the korean language. In fact, Hangul, accdg to the Foreign Service Institute, is ranked among the most difficult to learn! This holds especially true when it's in script. It has formal and informal forms, there are differences in spelling and pronunciation e.g. kajima and hajima, which we often hear in kdramas. If you probably ask 3 korean translators to convert a sentence into english, each of them may come up with a different trsnslation. For example, i saw at least 2 or 3 different translations of shk's last message to hyun bin before entering military service. One you tube video said it was, "be healthy and come back safe." To me, that meant that the relationship was open-ended and that she was leaving him with a chance to work things out in the futurr. But, in crunchy roll or some other site, it was interpreted as, " stay safe and live well." I interpreted that sentence differently. To me, that signified that she had no intention of ever seeing him again and was just wishing him well in the long term simply because of 2 words - live well. Hence, we have the terms "lost in translation" and "language barrier". To cut a long story short hehe, we all have our strengths and weaknesses but, at the end of the day, we all mean well, we're all trying to help and support shk so let's cut each other some slack and let's be more careful in our choice of words. Thanks!
  12. There are a lot of trolls on the internet, especially within chat groups. You will recognize them because they say something provocative or inflammatory in an online community and other trolls just repeat what the first troll is saying, just expressed differently perhaps. The above looks like trolling so the best thing to do is, if you're great at humor, reply to them in a humorous way. A perfect example was when Wendy's received a negative review, they turned the tables by responding to a tweet asking, "what should i get at McDonald's" with their own tweet, "Directions to the nearest Wendy's." That's if you can pull it off or it might backfire. But, of course, the best option would be to act quick and be sincere in your words and actions. That's what shk's lawyers and agency should be doing. Palli, palli! Remember, the guy is known to be social media savvy! We, on the other hand, should ignore these trolls and just continue to stand by shk i think.
  13. Her reply should have been: "Apart from i love you, i"ll take care of you, you are my everything and all those words you said above, what other jokes do you know? Ha ha Not trying to make light of the situation. We just need a breather...
  14. Many of shk's fans, especially those like you who have admired her for so long, are grieving and i can understsnd that. You are going through the process of grieving, which has 5 stages: 1. Denial - there is disbelief, especially because the announcement was so sudden and delivered so coldly. Denial is one's initial defense mechanism. It protects us from the pain of loss. 2. Anger - when painful reality sinks in, one's emotions are intensified. You're frustrated that it didn't work out and it's the time when blame and irritation are felt more strongly. 3. Bargaining - this is the last ditch attempt to come to terms with the news. That's probably why so many have asked, "Can they still fix it?" This is when we panic, we experience fear and we want to regain control so other fans have been saying too that the couple has made the right decision or we remind ourselves of the reasons why the relationship didn't work. 4. Depression or deep sadness - the loss of love, the loss of hope that they would be together forever is difficult and it takes time to let go. I think this is the stage where you're at. 5. Acceptance - this is the final stage where you finally embrace the reality that the relationship is a thing of the past and slowly begin to rid yourself of negative emotions. For some, the stages may overlap. For others, they may feel the whole range of emotions all at the same time. Some may go through the stages quickly. Others may recover more slowly. This holds true whether you're grieving the dissolution of a marriage, the loss of a longtime friendship, the passing away of a loved one, etc. While these stages come from psychologists and studies they've made, i know this to be true from experience. Been there, done that. So i cannot begin to fathom what shk was and still is going through. We know you'll be back - at your time and pace.
  15. I think your last sentence isn't accurate. I googled korean laws on divorce and mediation and this is what it says, "korea follows the model of guilt- based divorce...where...the party that is responsible for the marriage failure cannot file a suit for divorce or it will be dismissed if it is filed. So here's my take on this - they filed first to make it appear that he was the guiltless party. Whether he is indeed guiltless, we may never know. Having said that, here's food for thought - why are they trying to force shk's hand in "mutually" agreeing to the divorce and settling out of court? Why are they rushing the divorce?
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