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  1. Trying hard not to read too much into it but can't help it. The lyrics for the song Cry posted by JCW is rather harsh. Though I doubt he is fluent in English? Maybe he just likes the song? Hyunnie latest post doesn't sound too chirpy either. Sounds like she is going through a rough patch. Hope she is alright!
  2. Totally random and unrelated but am i the only one who finds it cute to see that NJW meets his father-in-law (EBH dad in SP) again trying to crack a mystery case together in MMS xD
  3. So far the BTS interaction between JCW and WJA in MMS is no where close to the interaction between JCW and NJH in SP. Can I be delulu and draw an inference yet please??? And curiously they have both acknowledged each other publicly a few times outside of film set ever since SP ended but yet there is practically no rumour on them in the media. So...... Can we say no news is good news?? xD xD Miss them so much.. I know its Unlikely but really hope they will drop another bomb to keep us excited pleaaasseeeese Btw i honestly think tankookie rhymes with changwookie... Can it really be soooo coincidental?? xD xD xD
  4. This is so cute and funny! And it quenched the draught a little even tho this is an older clip (I think???). I love that they started off the pairing with NJH and JCW.. Of all people! ! Could it be that this fact is some sorta open secret within the industry.. Lololol.. Living in my own delulu fantasy like everyone knows it but nobody talks about it.. Hahaha
  5. Sigh. Somehow somewhere deep inside I am developing a pang of jealousy and dreading the day W starts his new project with his new co-star. I know it's inevitable since that's his job.. But it will hurt to see W kissing another female lead. I am praying and hoping their BTS will be 100% professional and no frolicking about like in SP
  6. I don't know how to attach a photo but yes i just directly translated on IG. Regardless it was "secret" or "visual" its still waaaayyy too suspicious because whatever it was: - 3/4 June was important enough for hyunnie to come out of her hiding to make that post - it was "precious" enough for PD to keep in his "pocket" - it has gotta be somewhat related to SP/the cast because of the timeline and for PD to comment on it - those are definitely not bts scenes/shots/stills - those photos are candid and taken by someone while hyunnie was on the move.. So it definitely was a special moment to her or it has gotta mean something - c'mon which actor/actress would post a random photo which has so much connection to a project he/she was involved in 2 years ago out of the blue unless it meant something? Besides she even had another popular project in between - hyunnie is a young twenty something girl and from what we know, she hasn't officially gone out with anyone pre-SP (based on her own admission) and if indeed all our dream is coming/has come true.. That means wookie would be her first muse! Back when I was younger (I'm not that old btw ) and with my first muse.. Every "firsts" and special occasion was well recorded and cherished in a scrapbook because that was before IG time.. So these days that's what they do right.. Frame it on IG..?? And we all know hyunnie keeps her IG quite personal with lots of posts on her private life unlike most celebrities I may be overanalysing and gone delulu.. But this long draught has definitely taken its toil on me..
  7. Hi! Lurker here.. I may be delulu but did hyunnie just gave away their BIG SECRET we have been waiting for all these YEARS?? Like today is their second anni or some kinda special day?? She posted two mysterious and random cropped candid photos of hers.. Did she intentionally crop someone out? And the timeline! Started in 2017 then 2018. Today same day 2019. AND the BIGGEST giveaway is the comment by Director seonho5052 based on Google translation says "Ah.. It's a secret that I want to put it in my pocket and keep it precious."??!! Definitely sounds like a cryptic message! And Hyunnie replied with "Pocket explode!!"!!!?? Not to mention she was also wearing the same dress around 2 years ago in one of the bts with wookie
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