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  1. Im little bit confused, can someone please answer me? The two Neanthals that Asa Hon saved is Rottip and who is the other one? Is it Yiseuroobeu? If its not, then where is the other neanthal that Asa hon saved?
  2. Maybe Aramun is an Igutu. and Tagon knew that Aramun is an igutu thats why he took the Igutu baby hoping that is Aramun. And my theory is what if in the end Eunsom and his brother will fight.
  3. I have a few questions here about this kdrama. Does Eunsom have a twin? And what happen to the last two neanthals kids whos with Asa Hon and Ragaz? And who is Aramun? Can someone please explain this for me? Pleasee respect my questions thank u
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