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  1. Most people here watching many dramas like it was a task. 722
  2. @Ameera Ali to me, only one person trully shocked. The black white shirts man. That or i need glassess 508
  3. If im not wrong, yeobo can use for both husband and wife. 남 편 Nampyeon = husband 야 = ya "Ah" used when the word before is end with consonant, if im not wrong 여 보 야 = yeo bo ya Sushimi ya, triplem ah
  4. Neorang na = neowa na = you and I Hajiman/keunde = but
  5. Itsn't ji maseyo that means dont? Like "ka-jima" = dont go Ut-jima = dont laugh Still confused abt when to use nan, neon, naneun, nareul, neoneun, neoreul
  6. 30 @Ameera Ali husband, girlfriend, widow, mother material. He took them all
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