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  1. MH looked pretty, the dress wasn't that bad in the end, old-fashioned maybe, but SJ was happy, on the last day of her life, and that's what counts. It was nice how the part-timer guy took pictures at MH's wedding, and helped uncle to prepare for the big entry. Nice TJ's confusion at the appearance of JB... And JB singing... Regretful that in this family's story both MR's and MH's weddings were bitter-sweet for different reasons. Looks like even MH had a feeling related to his mother's condition, because she asked WJ to let her spend the wedding night at SJ's house. It is very sad that they decided to show how SJ dies, immediately after the wedding, but in the end she was surrounded by her precious daughters she lived for.
  2. KSY and HJH had a really great chemistry, and their story in the drama was a sweet one with lots of romantic scenes. I think we will see them, on the KBS Awards, among the winners of the best couple award at the end of the year. KHK and KTY have a 14 years age gap I think, but because their story in the drama was totally different, not a really romantic one, many people don't see them as a couple. They had a more like Pygmalion and Galatea type of a story. Anyway, in the real life, we are used to see older man and much younger women couples all the time, in the novels, throughout history, at movie stars or even politicians, so it became "normal" somehow. We live in a more open-minded society now, but this is still a man's world, and an older woman-younger man couple it's another story... Yes, they had a good cast for the script, and all the actors did a great job with the screenplay that was given to them.
  3. SJ didn't seem happy about MH's and WJ's choice to have a small wedding, maybe she took over the whole preparation thing. I don't know if that dress is MH's choice... she didn't look happy wearing it... But it makes sense, MH is not a modern refined young lady, WJ is a gentleman who puts honor above everything, they are going to get married but didn't even kissed yet, their love story is more like a 19th century one, so the old-fashioned dress fits.
  4. Despite his childishness JS is a good man and somehow funny, one moment he irritates to the maximum and the next one he makes people laugh, like a few episodes ago when he has stolen food from his mother's fridge rejoicing like a child or when he was confused about WJ's name in the kimchi making scene. No doubt the actor is doing a good job portraying JS. I saw him before in "The thorn birds" kdrama together with the actor who plays NDJ and the pharmacist lady, he had a smaller role there. With JB "It's not over until it's over". When we thought he finally moved on with his life, here we go again... It would have been enough to show JB sad, maybe crying, but to faint like that, on the edge of a stroke, was really too much and unnecessary. After he has decided to get married, WJ became more relaxed and happy all of the sudden. It was funny how he arranged the things behind MH's back, and asked her to marry him only after seeing her confused. Pretty original...
  5. Maybe SJ told WJ to not waist time if he really likes MH, because after sending MH home with Peter, WJ called his mother. From what I understood he told his mother that he is going to get married and asked her if she can come to Korea.
  6. I also thought that MH acts in her usual hysterical way, because the only man she knew, JB, accepted and endured all her whims, but WJ is not like JB at all. WJ is right, it's too soon to even think about marriage. They didn't had a decent date yet, non of them is ready to such a commitment, not to mention that his previous experience is a painful one. On the other hand MH is insecure because she is the initiator of the so called relationship they have, and frankly WJ never made a step in her direction out of his own will, he kinda was dragged in it. He confessed that he liked her, and hugged her twice, but only as a response to the first step she made. So now MH asks herself if WJ really likes her or not, she would accept any kind of commitment even if in the end it would be broken, just to make her feel more secure. But WJ isn't the guy who is not keeping his promises, he is a man of honor, that's why he wants to be sure that his choices are the correct ones. Unfortunately MH and her whole family will have soon another main priority... SJ's illness will probably shake them from the roots. Or, JB might have his chance after all (if he still wants it) , once MH decides to please her mother and accept him. She is unstable enough to change her mind quickly. Who knows?
  7. It is ridiculous anyway, but in this drama when you are thinking that you've seen it all, another ridiculous thing it's just around the corner. JB said to WJ that he can't win against him in a family vote, we thought it is stupid to have a vote about that, but here it is. I don't know if MH can do anything about or against the vote, because in that family they always do what SJ says or wants, whiteout doubt. Like I said before, only MR doesn't follow SJ's decisions blindly, and MH rebels against them sometimes. I think MH knows perfectly that her family's preference is JB, but she can't calm down her mother otherwise, now when she is furious about the rejected proposal. Anyway SJ said that she won't loose. We will see... Another thing that might happen, is MH to leave the house, SJ told her to do that if she's going to live in the way she wants, I don't see her accepting JB forced by her family. There are some cultures in the world were the girl can't choose the man she will marry, they don't ask her, is a contract signed by the parent and that's it, but this is a modern day family in Korea, how can this happen? Another thing we found out about is that MH is not young. Really at 31 years a woman is old? If they say 31 it is 30 years in the west, because in Korea they usually add a year more. That dictator chairman should be left alone with the Na clan, to see his life's work HS Group devoured by them. All dictators believe that they own the world, but in the end, they are just some coward people who inevitably fall down.
  8. This whole Jae Bum thing reminds me one of Forrest Gump's famous lines "Stupid is who stupid does". It looks like Jae Bum wanted to trap Mi Hye, to put her in a position where she can't refuse him. First very concerned, took her mother to his father's hospital, then he arranged the whole marriage proposal scene like they really had a love story, which he knew werry well it wasn't the case, plus he let the hospital staff to know about that. A lot of people said that Mi Hye wasn't nice to Jae Bum, it is true, but maybe she had no other way because the guy it's impossible. Her biggest mistake was to let Jae Bum come so close to her family, because he made them to like him and be on his side, so he thought is no way Mi Hye would have another choice but accept his proposal. Mi Hye tried different ways to tell Jae Bum that she doesn't have feelings for him, but without any success, maybe she should try in Sanskrit now.
  9. I think Sun Ja is like a mother to all the wounded ones, first was Tae Joo who came to her crying, then Woo Jin who in the end was so touched that almost cried as well, not to mention that for Jae Bum she is the caring mother he never had. I think she accepted Woo Jin in the end, more because she realized that he is an honest, honorable man who loves her daughter even if he didn't say it, and wants the best for her. Of course Sun Ja realized that Mi Hye was serious about her feelings for Woo Jin, and this time it's not just her whim, but I don't think that she was convinced by Mi Hye's childish ways of fighting. It is regrettable that they keep Jae Bum character in this pathetic state, maybe until the end. In the fighting scene he was behaving like a bull in a porcelain store, and the things he said were truly mind blowing. Now Sun Ja is his mother-in-law, and Woo Jin couldn't possibly win against him in a family vote? It is ridiculous, this is not an election, and a relationship is not based on a family vote, maybe they were his only hope to convince Mi Hye to accept him. I'd like to know what Mi Sun would do with three kids having to raise them alone like her mother did? Anyway her mother-in-law was funny, she went straight to the action by pulling the hair of the so called babysitter. First Sun Ja pulling In Suk's hair, now the mother-in-law, these ladies are like lionesses defending their cubs with fangs and claws.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. SunJa said to WooJin that he shouldn't behave like he was guilty and keeping his head down, the same advice goes to MiRi. The two of them are so alikes, feeling guilty because of past things, always trying to run away instead of fighting for what they love. MiRi should have a little bit of MiHye's fighting spirit, of her determination, but not in that childish way. MiRi should be more confident about herself in her private life, as a person and as a woman too.
  11. MH is just like WJ said before, she doesn't know much about the world, she only knows about her writing, family and JB. MH lived under her family's protection all her life, being the youngest, a quite difficult child, finding refuge in books, she can't be this modern times refined young woman. Yes, she is childish enough to do all kinds of stuff witch a more mature woman wouldn't. SJ is a good mother, she loves all her daughters, but I think she didn't have the time or the energy, because she had to provide for her family, to deal with a girl like MH, to understand her. SJ only yells at her (now is even hitting her), she doesn't trust nor treat her like an adult daughter, we can't see the two of them having a nice mother-daughter conversation like SJ had many times with MS or MR. When a parent tells you all the time that you are good for nothing and immature, you won't be able to be more than that. I think the lack of trust in herself, in her writing ability, caused her also that writer's block. Not being able to overcome this, MH became a rebel with or without a cause. MS and JS didn't have any progress in their relationship, they are just as childish, treating each other without any respect. They behave like six years old chilren fighting for some silly thing in the kindergarten. What kind of a model are they to DB? MS accused MH of immaturity, when she is an immature women herself, married and having a six years old child, and not being able to behave as a responsible adult, which is worse. The smart, logical one in that family is MR, she loves her mother but doesn't follow her actions blindly like MS, nor rebels against them like MH, she filters everything and acts according to her own decisions. She is the tough girl who will probably save the Hansung company from HM and her family's hands. MR has to deal with them alone, because until now we haven't seen TJ grow as a business man, and now after finding out the truth he will become more distant. Besides hiding the truth, wich he did before as well, I don't understand why is he making such a big deal out of the fact that he married his aunt's biological daughter from her previous marriage? MaybeTJ thinks MR married him for his money or to have a higher position in the company.
  12. I liked all the MR and TJ sceens, there is much more chemistry between them now, she was more reserved before. She is tough at work and sweet at home with her husband. Poor WJ was unprepared for what was coming, a face to face meeting with MH, after HJ revealed the truth. WJ had no idea that he was going to be checked, and in what way. And MH's reaction..., was exactly a child's joy who has received the most desired Christmas gift. SJ has no limits now when she has to fight for her dream son-in-law. The way she went to the publishing house "to cut the evil from its roots", it was totally inappropriate, I would say stupid. WJ was so embarrassed, ashamed without being guilty of anything. SJ said proudly that her family does not need the chairman's money, when they talked about MR's wedding, but now she advises MH (in the preview) to marry JB if she wants to have an easy life. What is this? JB's "perfection" is not only due to his character but also to his money? After all that was said and done between MH and JB, a successful doctors son, a well known artists son, the very successful drama writer, is still hanging around MH, and now he is her housekeeper or what? This is the writer's idea about a "pure hearted" man's unconditional love? The almost zero development of some characters in this drama is at least irritating. IS was in the same kind of shoes, but now she is going through a real bleaching process, with her brother's issue and all.
  13. When they were having barbecue at WooJin father's cottage, MiHye asked about his mother, and after saying that she is in the US, he became distant all of the sudden. Then when MiHye brought him dinner, after her uncle's memorial service, WooJin said that after his parents divorced he went with his mother to the US, and his mother married soon an american man, so he doesn't know much about the korean customs. So I thought he was mad at his mother. The chairman is behaving like his home is a palace and he is the king, everyone has to follow a protocol. They are all in a fight for "the throne" (Hansung Group), like in a historical drama.
  14. SJ should have noticed by now that MH didn't had a romantic relationship with JB, in those six years, and three years they were separated. SJ considered MH, most of the time, just like she said, an "unemployed good for nothing", who only needed scolding, so she thinks JB is perfect for her daughter. SJ doesn't give a damn about what MH wants, she chose JB as her son in law, so she wants them to marry. After MR's wedding, and all the drama that came with it, SJ tries to get rid of the "ugly duckling" as well. MR of course should have been married telling the truth to TJ, but on the other hand they aren't related, so why the whole drama from her family's part? MH is the most reasonable one regarding that matter. Is more like WJ didn't had a relationship with his father, because after his parents divorced, he went to the US with his mother. Maybe he's mad at his mom for that, and his ex-wife for his own divorce or something (she asked for the divorce), that would explain WJ's cold behavior toward women. WJ became attracted to MH, I think because she came like a storm in his orderly and quiet life. MH is far from perfect, but she has all kinds of emotions, which she expressed freely, and made WJ feel alive again. ===== So now the chairman's wife wants "to educate" MR? Please... An intelligent woman like MR doesn't need guidance from her. HM without her old husband and his money, is nobody, a big zero. What can she teach MR?
  15. MH and JB are back where they were before. She the spoiled and immature youngest daughter, and he the same obsessed guy who can`t take a no for an answer. MH became more more responsible with her writing, but if you consider the scenes with WJ she is still acting like a child. WJ was touched of her sincere confession and sentimental torment. He lacks sentimentalism , his father said it when he recommended MH`s book for WJ to read, so this is something new to him. There are some beautiful family scenes with SJ and the Kang sisters, where we can see how strong is the bond between them. It would be nice to see more scenes from MH`s book with stories from the past, but I think the writer has to many things to take care about, now with the new characters added.
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