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  1. But from whatever I have read , KJK and Lee Hyori weren't close at all like JSM and KJK. Correct me if I am wrong. https://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/2620005.html Is it true ?
  2. Thanks for the perspective guys. Look who bites his lower lip again in this episode.
  3. Hi. It's been a long time since I posted here. Nice to see the clan expanding and growing. ( I am from India. Don't know if there are any other somin fans from India) I strongly believe all the latest developments suggest it's more than friendship between kookmin. But the only glitch I see from an otherwise steady progress is the MUD episode involving Jong Min. Though it ended with Jong Min teasing KJK and JSM , I still cannot believe KJK would introduce a girl he likes to a friend even if it is for a show ? If they hadn't expressed that they like each other by the MUD episode, then it is hard to believe the relationship developed so quickly in the last few months. Though @kookminclan RunningMan clarified most of my doubts, I haven't still able to understand that KJK was willing to introduce JSM to a friend.
  4. But doesn't it also mention that kjk said they are like brother and sister?? I am confused.
  5. Wow Benji you are awesome! I replied to your first few parts without reading them fully. I just realized you had articulated very well of whatever I had in my mind. This gives me hope !
  6. Totally agree. I have never seen both of them being so carefree as they were in the Halloween episode. I agree KJK knows that JSM does things on purpose to be noted by him and that's why he tells her when he chose haha as good looking over KJK that she wouldn't choose him even if she wants to.And that might be the reason for that mischievous smile during the Halloween episode. Though KJK was chosen , JSM says she declined the guest simply because she wants him to remember her as the first girl to have rejected him. KJK must have got the sudden reckoning that this was what she was doing with him and hence that smile.
  7. Couldn't resist posting this here. Whatever little moments they showed were all cute . ( Using soompi for the first time , hope this is how to comment and reply to the thread?! )
  8. Hi. This is my first comment here . I used to watch running man on and off for the last few years. No one except So Min has evoked such an intense affection in me and after I started watching RM after nearly an year's gap. She is really the "magnet" girl as they call her in the show. I recently watched the Halloween episode and that to me stood out as the turning point. Both KJK and JSM seemed to be in a different world from the rest of the crew. KJK making funny faces to yjs which I haven't seen him doing in any of the previous episodes. But the MUD episode has made me think KJK is still not ready to come out of his shell and it's better I don't give myself any hopes about them. And I wanted to tell that after reading everyone's comments, I am amazed how all have been respectful, thoughtful and dignified in expressing their opinions.
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