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  1. Thanks! Great minds think alike. Just wasn't sure which app was more accurate. Am seriously considering learning Korean. A friend just got back from Incheon and said everyone was really nice, but spoke only a little English. My thought is that going to a foreign country, I should take the time to learn language and customs so I unintentionally don't offend and can get around reasonably well. I'll look into these apps and my local Korean school. Once again, thanks to the helpful people on this fantastic forum from a long-time lurker and My Ajussi fan
  2. Received the Blu-ray set yesterday. I'm from the US. The package is full of fan swaggg! More than worth the money to get it. The script however - I want to read it, but have very little skill in Hangul characters. What's the best way to translate the text to English?
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