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  1. The thing about these two is that even non-fans/casual observers sense the attraction bts. anyway, check out her other edits. She's awesome!!
  2. I think we had our fill already.. Though I'm happy to be proven wrong... I'm just happy he's back and unbothered again... Pheeww
  3. @jaemin kimpark I didn't notice the hair.. . Thought the pictorial he had before leaving for France was for esquire.. Well maybe this is additional content for the September issue
  4. Yeah! I saw one try to get a reaction from you. I'm sorry you have to come across shippers of their ilk. But you're more than welcome to post here
  5. Hello @Pia22! Would you happen to be this Twitter acct too? Pia00? It was through your tweet that I found about soop's denial about the issue..
  6. They would go through all that, lie, tarnish a reputation photoshop a picture, just for shipping??! I'm speechless.....
  7. Must say, was most surprised with PMY's latest post .. They have effortlessly sent their shippers to euphoria land yesterday.
  8. It's quite a bold move too.. Especially for Park Min Young and her rumors last year, her strong denial.. I.dont know..
  9. No one here thinks they're wearing a couple's item nor even boldly assume they're a real one (a couple) . Fans in this thread are merely celebrating a happy coincidence since we all miss seeing the both of them on screen. They're actors with their own personal lives and I believe this thread respectfully acknowledges that. The show has run its course without any mishaps or malicious rumors and I think that's a testament to how mature and grounded HPL 's fans are. Cheers
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