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  1. I think we had our fill already.. Though I'm happy to be proven wrong... I'm just happy he's back and unbothered again... Pheeww
  2. @jaemin kimpark I didn't notice the hair.. . Thought the pictorial he had before leaving for France was for esquire.. Well maybe this is additional content for the September issue
  3. Yeah! I saw one try to get a reaction from you. I'm sorry you have to come across shippers of their ilk. But you're more than welcome to post here
  4. Hello @Pia22! Would you happen to be this Twitter acct too? Pia00? It was through your tweet that I found about soop's denial about the issue..
  5. They would go through all that, lie, tarnish a reputation photoshop a picture, just for shipping??! I'm speechless.....
  6. Must say, was most surprised with PMY's latest post .. They have effortlessly sent their shippers to euphoria land yesterday.
  7. It's quite a bold move too.. Especially for Park Min Young and her rumors last year, her strong denial.. I.dont know..
  8. No one here thinks they're wearing a couple's item nor even boldly assume they're a real one (a couple) . Fans in this thread are merely celebrating a happy coincidence since we all miss seeing the both of them on screen. They're actors with their own personal lives and I believe this thread respectfully acknowledges that. The show has run its course without any mishaps or malicious rumors and I think that's a testament to how mature and grounded HPL 's fans are. Cheers
  9. I don't know if you guys have heard but I talked (via private message) to an hpl member in cafe daum. I was told the chances of having a d-cut for her private life is pretty bleak (I think this was mentioned in the main thread) due to the production company. They won't disclose why. And now even the premium dvd version release is questionable too. I honestly don't understand this move. I mean why wouldnt you sell a product you have clearly a market for. I've known dramas with lesser ratings release their own dvds.. It's really confusing to me. As from what I read and heard, the demand for the DVD was never the question.. If this piece of news is indeed true, it's downright frustrating because we're continuously being deprived of content. From magazines, to post drama interviews, and now this..
  10. I mean of all the colors, she really had to choose that one. . Someone from Twitter captioned that pic as Rachel Gold. Lol Hooray for fanservice!!
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