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  1. I actually expect more action for the last 4 episodes of voice 3.. less talk do more maybe. I'm sorry
  2. Could he be the same teacher that taught Bang Je So and Kwak Do Ki?
  3. I feel it too.. I guess the writer wanted to connect each season by mentioning Fantasia as list of the high class club that usually sold drugs in episode 7 or 8. Remembering Fantasia was the name of the club where Golden Time Team found clue about Mo Tae Gu for the first time. What bother me for last night episode was when the lighter guy told Koichi's corpse that His friend (Do Kang Woo) will joining him soon. Does it mean Kang woo will turn into psychopath or will he be dead in this season? I bet the only reason kang woo bite his wrist off was to get rid of any traces from the tattoo, just like what the doctor told them why Koichi's wrist was damaged. He probably doesn't want anyone found out he had that tattoo. If kang woo was smart enough, he should put the two and two together, and start suspectong yukiko's fiance as the villain. After all, kwon joo said they met each other at the hospital, knew about her ear problem, and yet he is somebody that close to Yukiko. Cross my finger that next episode we would see the light :)
  4. It's already halfway through the season!! the real villain has been revealed, even though he wasn't what I expected him to be. But he does fit the profile for the next villain, no too young and not that eye catching (so I won't feel bad if he died. Lol) The more i watched this series, I've prepare myself for the worst possible ending. I want a happy ending for all the characters but at the same time I think it will flopped the storyline in the end. And the story writer should let DKW and KKJ sit together and be honest to one another for at least 10 minutes of an episode. My poor heart and brain can't handle anymore speculation from both of them
  5. Hi, Never thought that I would share my thought in this forum. But Voice makes me all giddy and can' t contain the excitment by myself anymore. So here's my thought (or what I expected to happened in next episode): 1. Kang kwon Joo will definetly released Do kang woo from his post. Probably because she knows something Kang woo condition, she doesn't want to worsen his condition by him joining the team, because she thought it could become a trigger for his blacking out. 2. She askes Agent Jin for tracking Kang woo phone and keep it inbetween them. I think this is why she then get strangled by Kang woo in the next episode. She would like to find out where he's disappearing to and found out something terrible, while Kang woo under kosuke spell. 3. That wire shun guy, definitely trying to play with Kang Kwon joo ability. What i still don't get from Bang Je So words in the prison to Kwon Jo was "Shouldn't you worried about yourself?" Could it mean that this wire shun guy actually wanting Kwon Joo ear? Gah all of this really driving me crazy and making me squirming in my chair for the next episode
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