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  1. I finally decided to watch this series this week, I can't believe I finished it in 5 days! The cast did an amazing job I must say. I was reluctant at first because of the cast I admit. Not to mention I watched another drama based on the same characters(won't name any names) while my husband watched Yanxi Palace instead and my husband hates palace dramas usually. And while I watched the other drama in complete frustration, even wanting to drop it at times and just hated Qianlong so much, my husband was binge watching Yanxi like crazy always looking excited and happy to watch another episode. LOL! Oh the contrast! This exceeded my expectations. I really loved that Yinglou wasn't the typical palace drama protagonist that's such a soft, sweet damsel in distress at first and let's people walk all over her. I also like that her objective for coming to the palace wasn't love. As much as I loved Yinglou, Empress Fuca had a special place in my heart, I cried bucket loads in ep.40.
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