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  1. I agree..some of the people here are not shippers for songsong couple in the first place but just butting in and just being nosy about the issue..I am more than hurt and sleepless because I'm concerned about the couple and it pains me more to read that people are making up false accusations and reasons about their divorce...I pray that they can reconcile and resolve their issues privately...I love you forever SongSong couple!!!!
  2. Only a true fan of songsong couple could understand the feeling....
  3. I was crying the whole night...I force my self to sleep to wake up and hope this is all just a nightmare
  4. This breaks my heart I shipped them since day 1 and thankful when they got married..Songsong couple will always be in my heart
  5. LDW can't hide his feelings anymore too many hints can't wait for tomorrow's posts
  6. Why am I so happy and nervous at the same time?!??? OMG! I feel like there will be an announcement any time soon! I think after LDW finish the PrduceX101 show or sort of and YIN is taking her time to travel and takes care of their wedding details and preparations (I remembered SongSong couple while SJK is doing his Battleship Island Movie,SHK is preparing for their wedding)
  7. I'm literally drooling over their Bts..the moment I wake up and before I go to sleep, their vids are my source of energy and inspiration and my lullaby I play them @ 0.2x slowmo to catch all LDW's gestures and glances to YIN(RIP replay button) I even joined their fans club and forums.this the first time I ship a couple since the SongSong from DOTS..I'm not a usual fan of kdramas/k idols/loveteams there are only 1 local teamups from the Phils that I shipped before: Jadine and SongSong couple from Korea and they both end up together. I followed Sunny and Grim Reaper than the main characters of GoblinI have the same feeling that Pichi couple will end up together too And I feel they will announce it soon #shippersdelusion
  8. YIN's bday is coming in a couple of days...wish they would announce the big news or atleast photos of our beloved Pichi Couple celebrating her dayI wonder what LDW's gift for her
  9. That Chanel J12 couple watch made me think that they really are in a relationship now.I have watched in yt 'how to know if k.idols are into secret relationship when they're wearing something in common whether with outfits or accessories.especially when their partner came back from a trip abroad.they connect the brand of the item which the idols is endorsing internationally.like SongSong couple before they wore the same braceletin our pichi couple's case,LDW is the endorser of chanel man in Korea and recently just came back from Europe for the Chanel No.5 event. Not to mention that Chanel J12 was just launch recently,only few were out..so I think YIN's white Chanel J12 watch is a gift from LDW's trip/endorsement from abroad to match his Black Chanel J12.check out their photos wearing 'watcha think shippers??!? Just my two cents
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