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  1. This drama is going to be one of my favorite dramas of all time if it keeps going like this, seriously! I really hope Danyeon has a happy ending or else I'm afraid of what I might do... maybe I can fly to Korea with an angel gun and poof the writer into dust if they aren't together at the end XD I'm glad that Dan is starting to realize the evilness of Yeonseo's family. When he went to go ask for help from Nina's sister (I forgot her name), I think it was more to confirm that she didn't want to help, rather than actually asking for help, based on how he coldly said, "Because you're her family, I thought that you would be eager to help," or something like that afterwards. He's still a little too impulsive and can't really hide his feelings towards the evilness right now, though, which might get him into danger later on. An interesting observation: every time the director 'attacks' Dan (when he grabs Dan's collar/shirt and goes slightly crazy), he always pushes him against a barrier that's blocking him from a body of water. *In episode 5, he pushes him against the dock to a lake(?) after seeing Yeonseo seductively dancing around Dan. *At the end of episode 6, the director randomly charges over to Dan and pushes him against the bridge over a large river. ^^^The difference is that the second time, they actually get past the barrier and both fall into the water. I don't know if there's significance to this, but since this drama already has a theme of water/rain in it, I'm going to think that there's some meaning behind this lol Anyway, the long wait for next week's episode is beginning now for me! That kitchen make-out session we're talking about seems so far away... I hope we get a lot of updates this week to fill in the emptiness
  2. I'm not completely clear on what we've all agreed on so far, but I just thought of some more ideas/questions to add to this discussion regarding the director and the similar-faced girl. ***The Director's Motives: Interesting point=> In the scene where Dan asks the director to promise that he'll make Yeonseo happy, the director doesn't reply. At first, he answered that the idea of happiness was too abstract, and in the end, he didn't exactly promise anything at all (or, at least, we didn't see what he replied). This makes me think that the director either 1) doesn't want Yeonseo to be happy (most unlikely in the context we have so far), 2) he doesn't know how to make her happy, or 3) he wants to make her happy, but he can't guarantee that she will end up happy(?). And I have no idea what any of this would mean or signify, but I get the feeling that all this about her happiness is important when thinking about their backstory (he could either be trying to get revenge or he could actually be trying to protect Yeonseo)... I'm confusing myself but anyway, this is important somehow. ***Yeonseo vs. Matil Yeonseo is definitely more than just a doppelganger to 'Matil', I think, since the director is so obsessed with her. But, I don't think they are the same person, since no one around Yeonseo recognizes the director, not even Mrs. Jung. (Wait, did Mrs. Jung ever see the director?) Mrs. Jung knows about Yeonseo's 10 year old self, so she would probably know the director if he had been connected to Yeonseo before somehow, but she doesn't (assuming that she has seen the director). However, if Mrs. Jung hasn't seen the director yet, then there's still a possibility that he and Matil were significantly connected to their family once. But I still don't think that the two girls would be the same person. If it was Matil that died 15 years ago and she revived to become Yeonseo, she would've aged, and her face wouldn't look the same. ***Anyways My head hurts so much now This plot is like a tree with infinite branches (no pun intended lol) representing all the possible outcomes, and it's literally impossible right now to guess which branch the drama is going to go up in the future. This is one of the few dramas where I have literally no idea what's going to happen next, although maybe we're all just overthinking it Ahem*This plot could literally continue in the simplest way possible, but none of us will have thought of it because we've been analyzing so much* XD
  3. I said earlier that I'm not much of an analyzer, but I'll try to pitch in with some of my thoughts: Everyone's talking about Dan and the director (all the different views are SO interesting!, and I can't think of anything else to say about them lol), but when I rewatched this episode with subs, I kept thinking about the uncle. Last episode it seemed like he was a good guy and felt shocked and guilty after catching on to what his wife may have done... but this episode he was seen burning the stolen documents together with his wife. Is he a good or bad guy? Or did he simply not know what kind of documents he was burning (but that wouldn't be possible either... they clearly said "documents on cornea donation" on the front and he clearly looked at them)? When the aunt talked to him again about being the owner of Fantasia in their room, he acted so oblivious, even after he burned the documents We never really see his 'true' feelings, either, other than that time he felt shocked last episode, so I'm wondering about him a lot~ I always suspect the quiet ones for some reason He always agrees with his wife, too, but he has to have his own thoughts as well... I think that he could possibly be a bigger part of the story later on, whether he's good or bad.
  4. Hello everyone This drama is actually so good! I've been stalking this thread silently for a while now, but I just had to make an account and post after today's cliffhanger with the kiss and the director's wings Everyone's theories are really amazing!! I'm not much of an analyzer myself, but I can say that the plot of this drama is going to be much deeper than I originally thought it would be... sooo much has happened in just four episodes~! ****** ^^I'm not completely sure... I don't think Myungsoo has had any really deep kdrama kisses before (his 'pecks' are good, as far as I can tell, though) If I'm wrong, please correct me XD Edit: Actually I just remembered that his past drama "One More Time" had a lot of kiss scenes but I can't seem to find any short clips.
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