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  1. It's so touching to see how they both smile through tears at each other. The best moment in this episode. JI/GS'dad/GS Does JI say thank you for sending photos? JH/the pharmacist, JH/JI Can't wait for subs! Don't understand why JH cries a lot after work.
  2. And I would like to see the court scenes where they pass a sentence on SH as an abuser.
  3. @xXMzSmilesXx Thanks a lot! I have a feeling this thread is not only about watching one series but also about exploring the hole structure of the Korean society.
  4. Yes! Do you remember that super intimate scene "pots and pans" in Secret Love Affair?
  5. Love director's work since A Wife’s Credentials.❤️ As for Rachael Yamagata they worked together during Something in the Rain too. I wonder, how did they start cooperating? By the way, there are some ideas why Seo In is light-headed and doesn't feel well: 1. Pregnancy. I hope it's a false alarm. As far as I know, abortion is illegal in Korea. If she's is pregnant, she has no choice but to give birth! 2. Concussion of the brain or smth related to her health since her husband is violent. 3. Stress. Again related to her family situation, divorce, work etc. Hope thas is a right answer.
  6. But what does he mean? Does he want to secretly watch her?
  7. Hi everyone! My favorite part in the previous episode was the dialogue where JI admitted that she didn't know what was "crossing the line". It's so real, because it's ok to be unsure and to doubt about your feelings.
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