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  1. Yes, that means....the writer took an elevator with kjk and jsm. (They were in kwangsoo's movie premiere) By the way, did you guys check jsm's little brother's instagram? He received CALOBYE goods from jsm. And you guys know who the advertisement model is! KJK
  2. It just the article that explain today's contents. 이에 김종민은 "뭐야"라며 두 사람의 관계에 의아함을 보여 웃음을 안겼다. ->kjm said 'what?' and he wonder the relationship between kjk and jsm.
  3. People who watched MUD today said... Most of people said : kjk and jsm are really really really close. A few people said : oh my god kjk and jsm have something?? Are they dating? So, if you are kookmin shipper, you have to see the program.
  4. That situation is just a script, I think. Because as soon as haha said how about actress, kjk said how about jsm. Maybe MUD producer requested to making the scene that kjk introduce jsm to kjm. In MUD, most situations are consisted of scripts and ppl, not real. (You guys saw already kjk and hjy scene, their romantic situations were not real.) Maybe MUD want to make another situations for the program.
  5. Dear, kookminclan RunningMan, Actually, yes. 1. At that time, kjk, yjs, lks went to jonghyun's funeral hall together. The shooting day was the same day jonghyun died. So, rm fans in korea understood kjk's gloomy face during the game. (He was good when fortune telling scene(maybe in the morning), his facial expression changed when the game started(maybe afternoon or evening). Jonghyun died the afternoon or evening of the day) 2. In the recent concert, he sang a song which written by jonghyun. And he said, "sometimes, when I went to fitness club at dawn, I met jonghyun. At that time, i didn't know he had a hard time."
  6. Hello, I hope this information help you guys, The fortune forecast episode, maybe 2018.1.8, the shooting day, especially during the game paired with jsm, kjk felt very very bad..maybe.. Because he knew jonghyun(shinee member) died that day. (RM fans in korea knew about this.) The beginning of the shooting, he was okay(before he knew jonghyun' death) . He said he is may be fire, that was just a kidding(acting) for the program. But the middle of the shooting, maybe game time... he heard about the news. So, his bad mood during the game is not related to jsm.
  7. Hello, again, Maybe this is my last post. Because I'm very quiet fan, so I don't want to leave posts online. 1. Dear, Benji D <question: Since you have access to the communities in korea, l would like to find out from you whether are they also hotly discussing kookmin's relationship like us in this forum (and also in youtube). I am curious what are the communities' view on kjk and jsm as a couple? Your feedback will greatly help us in verifying whether are we over speculating / thinking over here.> <Answer: First of all, RM is just a variety show. Korean public(=knets) watch RM just for "fun". So, they don't analyse rm memebers' behaviors one by one and don't talk about "love relationship". Even though some people talk about 'love something blah blah blah~~', most of people ignore it. Back to the point, in case of Kookmin, people like/enjoy their relationship as big brother and little sister at this time. As I stated above, most people don't talk about love relationship. Communities copied(shared) jsm's ig poems and kjk's comments, and write comments such as 'ㅋㅋㅋㅋ(it means fun)' or 'wow, they are really close'. Of course, some people say, 'it is really surprising that he leaves comments to her, because he never leave comments to women.' 2. Dear, kookminclan RunningMan First of all, I really love your channel in Youtube and your analysis about kookmin:). Really really thank you! <question: can you tell us more about how koreans see jsm and her contribution to the show? koreans must think of kookmin as siblings, right? that is more likely. they must be tired of the lovelines and then there is the age gap. > <Answer: Actually, not long ago, some huge communites copied(shared) hater's comments in jsm's ig to their communites. 100%(not 99%, 100%!) of knets(who write comments that post(copies)) said 'haters are insane'. RM is just a variety show, and knets know JSM saved RM. 2 years ago, somin and kwangmin combination attracted more viewers and the RM ratings rebounded. NOBODY(I say confidently) understand haters' thinking. And they know haters' are totally liar. Knets like her lovely personality just as it is. I think knets don't like fake loveline anymore. Knets like kookmin combination because it is fun and natural. Their(Kookmin) closeness in real life make RM fun. As I stated above, knets don't care about love relationship at present. ((A few people say 'I like kookmin 'couple'' 'Maybe they are dating', 'I want them get married', but it's not majority opinions.)) 3. I want to say, there is a time when celebrites can't tell the truth. For example, a long time ago, kjk had a girlfriend for a long time, but he had to hide his girlfriend. Lately, in RM, jsm said she don't have a boyfriend. And in MUD, kjk said he want to meet a wonderful waman. But who knows? Knets understand celebrites can't reveal their girl/boyfriend. Even though kjk said he don't have girlfriend, a few knets suspected kjk is in love with somebody now(because his smiling, face expression..). So, please don't judge by just what you see in TV programs.
  8. Hello, I'm jsm fan of korea. I like kookmin chemistry, so I enjoy all of your comments. First, I'm writing this comment because you are worrying about jsm. Thank you for taking care of her, but please, don't worry about her. Much of knets love her. They know she is sweet, kind, lovely. There are many huge communities in korea that foreigners cannot access. She is beloved in almost all communities. Believe me. I visit many communities(female sites, male sites, etc.). ((There are many haters(keyboard warriors) in portal sites such as Naver, rm forums. In that portals, all entertainers attacked by terrible comments, even yjs,kjk,sjh, etc. Maybe foreigners can see that portals only.) Second, haha, kjk's comments are very funny jokes in korea. Their comments proved to knets how close they are(kjk,haha,jsm). So, don't take their comments seriously. Thank you!
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