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  1. Big man movies are highly appreciated in Korea. I see his question. It is about Big Man who defeated 2 rival films, with the leading rating at the same time when airing the last episode.
  2. oh sorry i mistaken did you vote for him?
  3. https: // v biểu-trạm.net / Sấu người và bầu chọn Kang Ji Hwan? Được?
  4. I have a question? Why is the group named Kang Ji Hwan LES? . !!!! @@@@
  5. yes i think like you. Unfortunately. I expected him to have so many great works.
  6. Hi everyone. My name is Ivy. I became a fan of KJH when I first saw him in Feel Good to Die. His acting was great and then I was immersed in all his movies over the years. I was surprised when he looked like he was only 30 years old sao but okay ... To understand him better, I watched the shows with him like Real Men 300 and Island trio. I am even more attracted to his personality and cuteness. I am very happy that the community is interested in sharing KJH's interests. It's hard to see him often in newspapers and facebook because most websites have stopped updating since 2016. On June 8 we will be able to watch his new movie again. Really happy looking forward, right?
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