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  1. I know and I am sure all of us here know how close JW and MY are, both in filming days (look at those BtS) and after filming (look at how pmy almost sit on jw’s lap on previous post ). I'm just afraid of how “they” will make fun of us IF pmy and jw act cold toward each other at the event. You know who I mean by “they” Also, I like to mention CAP ROCAT as often as possible so if “they” visit this thread they will realize the reality they should accept like I said on my previous post. P.S. Everyone is welcome to DM me for further explanation
  2. Ok. This attending event together makes me excited. But I keep tell my self to chill and just wait for their interaction there. To be honest, I am a bit scared, what IF they act cold toward each other like in hpl wrapped up party. Trying my best to keep stand on the ground. Take a note, I STRONGLY BELIEVE CAP ROCAT POST! Lets say she’s not dating KJW, she’s not dating her previous costar too for sure!
  3. I don’t think so, it was caused by IG algorithm anyway. But IF she did that, maybe she has the reason. Maybe she doesn’t want to deal with shipper war or something, just ignore it
  4. Hi girls! Just want to say my confidence on this ship is liven up after that Cap Rocat post. If you know what I mean. Lets just wait and see...
  5. What a lovely 2 days. Jaewook look glowing and content. Now we have to stay still and wait for another mag pictorial that release this August 22nd. Being JW fangirl is hard, it will take a loooong time to get the new update of him and amazingly we’re used to it.
  6. @liltash85 LOL. I believe most of us are mature here who can see clearly which one is the real “tension”, even just from their gazes. Fiuuuh And your fanfic, It’s been years since your last chapter girl.
  7. @cenching girl! I feel like a pervert each time you gave me this > LOL LOL LOL Have you see @jmcshipper IG account last update? PMY couldn’t held her self to taste his lips. It makes me remember what you said about “her wishes are his commands”.
  8. @shimachep. hi hallo welcome . We actually ship them a lot but mostly just in silent mode. I don’t know with the others, but even tough I don’t post or come by to this thread a lot, I always lurk and always try to find something about them everywhere. I am sure they have feeling for each other, it is so clear. What I can do is just waiting and keep delulu for myself. I will ship them until the news come. Good or bad.
  9. Yes, yes, I was asking about this IG post before, what made the same day post become a clue that they’re lover, because it’s such a silly move for adult imo. But also curious when they did that, it’s not like coincidence but intentional move to tease us. And of course they won’t do it again after the mole case. But delulu is allowed here right? Feel free to interpret their caption, as long as it makes you happy.
  10. @cenching btw why you always give me the same reaction? Lol lol lol Someone here has the link to watch subbed lifebar full version of KJW ep?
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